Am I A Candidate For a Hair Transplant?


You’ve dealt with thinning hair and a balding head for a number of years, and finally had enough. You know that wigs and toupees are not for you, but you aren’t ready to shave it all off yet.  Have you thought about having a hair transplant? Not just everyone makes a good candidate for a … Read More

Will My Hair Care Regimen Make My Hair Fall Out?


If you look online, you can find almost anything: ideas about literature, pros and cons for any choice you might have to make, and a million and one ideas about hair care. There are even some people who are militant about the right products to use: only organic, no alcohol, no silicone, no dimethylethyl…stuff. They’ll … Read More

Red Flags For Hair Transplants


Have you been investigating hair transplants?  There’s a lot of information out there, both new, old, and irrelevant!  When you make an appointment with the doctor, how can you tell if the procedure is going to go well? Question Everything! At your first consultation you should have a list of questions for the doctor. Start … Read More

Female Hair Loss: FUE Is A Great Solution


Have you been avoiding the mirror? As a woman, there is little as damaging to your sense of femininity as the loss of your hair. Whether it comes out in giant clumps or your part gets wider every day, it is distressing. Some women solve their problem by shaving their head and wearing a wig. … Read More

Winterize Your Hair


Winter arrives with the holiday season, and with it cold, dry, hair damaging air. Do you know how to care for your locks to keep them happy and healthy? Moisturizing Is Key! There are several ways you can keep your hair from drying out. Avoid the daily wash, which strips your hair and scalp. Use … Read More

Are You Ready to Toss the Toupee?


Toupees and comb-overs; they’re often the subject of jokes and ridicule.  No one wants to admit that they wear one, but the fact is that it’s often painfully obvious to everyone else.  It can be hard to imagine the emotional comfort or protection that a hairpiece provides.  This holiday season, if you are topping your … Read More

Physical Stress Can Make Your Hair Fall Out

When the roots of your hair are pulled on and weighted down day after day after day, they get damaged. The hair falls out, and the follicle is irreparable. Repeated use of chemicals and heat too close to the scalp can also play a part. Hair loss from traction can affect anyone, regardless of their … Read More

Scientists Search For More Information


Hair loss affects as much as 50% of women and up to 80% of men. It is devastating in its effects on confidence and self-image. Research abounds on methods of treatment and studies into the cause. The genetic studies seem the most interesting, and perhaps the most promising. Researchers believe if they can mark the … Read More

When Bald Isn’t Beautiful

When you hear “Bald is Beautiful,” what do you think of? The little girl with a sparkling smile on the St. Jude poster, right? A mother who is battling cancer and the treatments in order to keep raising her children? An A-lister who has shaved her (or his) head as a show of support for … Read More

Why Is My Hair Falling Out?


As you style your hair, you notice that it sheds into your brush and onto the floor. Thinking back, you realize that your hair has been dropping bit by bit every day: it’s on your pillow, in the shower, in the laundry, on the floor. If you’re wondering why, it turns out there are lots … Read More