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Lovely Locks

Ladies, you know that bald can be sexy on a man. One look at Vin Diesel or The Rock makes you want to look again. But when it comes to your own locks, you aren’t so sure that you want to go GI Jane now or ever! Your hair is a natural, cultural sign of … Read More

Vitamins For Your Hair

When you woke up this morning and got ready for your day, you noticed several hairs on your pillow. There were more when you showered, and still more when you combed or brushed through it. What’s this? So you look back at pictures from last year, the year before, 10 years ago. Was your hair … Read More

Stem Cell Treatment For Your…HAIR?


Stem cells contain the most basic regenerative building blocks of the human body, which is why they are used for cancer, diabetes, and childhood disease treatments. But did you know that stem cells can also help you regenerate your hair? There’s three places we can get stem cells from in the adult body: blood, bone … Read More

Eyebrow Transplants

You know the routine, you do it every morning. Wash & moisturize, foundation, check for stray hairs, straighten the ones there, and draw in the rest.  Make sure you cover the small scar from falling out of a tree when you were a kid.  Get the arches even. Add a little texture so they look … Read More

Hair Loss Affects Women Too


You’ve noticed the receding hair-lines, the comb-overs, the bad toupees. While we do tend to poke fun, sometimes gently, sometimes not, at men with hair loss, we mostly accept that it is a normal part of aging for males. The saying, “Bald is Beautiful!” was certainly created with this in mind. But for women who … Read More

Experience a Virtual Hair Treatment

Remember what it was like to have a head full of thick, luscious hair? Most of us will try just about anything to get it back. The topical treatment you purchased at the drugstore made your hair and scalp feel greasy or sticky, and nutritional supplements just felt like throwing away your money. Maybe it’s … Read More

Non-Surgical Solutions For Hair Loss


Kalos Hair Transplant offers the latest and most advanced surgical hair restoration technology available to help you combat hair loss, but if you’re not quite ready for a surgical solution, or you’re looking for a non-surgical supplementary treatment after your surgery, Dr. Stong at Kalos Hair Transplant has you covered.

Pump Up the Volume on Thinning Locks


Both men and women want bombshell tresses — more simply put, hair that looks full and healthy. But if you’re dealing with limp or thinning strands, this can be a tough to pull off. Luckily, these simple tweaks to your styling routine may help give your hair a bit more body, pumping up the volume … Read More

Debunking 3 Hair Growing Myths

One of the first things we do when we begin to confront hair thinning or loss is take to the Internet to look for quick fixes — vitamins, concoctions, abandoning baseball hats, and hair ties and blow dryers all in the name of trying to get our hair to grow longer and thicker. The truth … Read More

Is Biotin Worth the Buzz for Healthier Hair?


If you’re living with thinning hair, chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about biotin. If not, here’s a little background information. Biotin is a B complex vitamin used to help the body convert food into energy. It may also help keep your skin, hair, eyes and nervous system healthy. Biotin is found in … Read More