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Are There Any Non-Surgical Ways To Save My Hair?

Hair loss is distressing. It is a loss of youth, and self-identity. But if it has just started, you may be looking for ways to slow it down and regrow the lost hair. You’re in luck, because there are a few ways to treat hair loss non-surgically. You Are What You Eat Before you start … Read More

Does Hair Restoration Really Work?

This question is usually asked with a hefty dose of cynicism mixed with a little bit of hope. It sounds too good… but it IS true. There are ways to transplant and restore hair for people with both male and female pattern hair loss!

Why Should I Choose NeoGraft?


If your hair is thinning, receding, or plain out balding — and you live in Atlanta or the surrounding areas — there is only one way you should even consider having a hair transplant done: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) using NeoGraft. This newest method of hair restoration produces remarkably natural, lasting results in only one … Read More

Summertime Hair Care


Everyone talks about summertime skin care; did you know you need to protect your hair, too? The heat, the sun, the chlorine from the pool, and the salt from the beach, conspire together against your otherwise healthy head of hair! If you’re not careful, it can start to impact your appearance just as much as … Read More

Eat Your Way To Healthy Hair


A healthy diet usually means a healthy body: organs, blood, bones, skin, and even your hair! That last one might surprise you, after all, hair is essentially dead proteins. But in the follicle, your hair is alive and each one needs the right nutrition to be able to grow luscious, healthy strands. Hair products like … Read More

Be Careful With Your Hair


Hair loss affects both men and women throughout the world. While you might typically associate a bald patch at the crown or thinning at the forehead with men, women can experience the same symptoms, which are usually genetic in nature. Thinning locks may be caused in different ways and means – cancer treatments, thyroid issues, … Read More

Lovely Locks

Ladies, you know that bald can be sexy on a man. One look at Vin Diesel or The Rock makes you want to look again. But when it comes to your own locks, you aren’t so sure that you want to go GI Jane now or ever! Your hair is a natural, cultural sign of … Read More

Vitamins For Your Hair

When you woke up this morning and got ready for your day, you noticed several hairs on your pillow. There were more when you showered, and still more when you combed or brushed through it. What’s this? So you look back at pictures from last year, the year before, 10 years ago. Was your hair … Read More

Stem Cell Treatment For Your…HAIR?


Stem cells contain the most basic regenerative building blocks of the human body, which is why they are used for cancer, diabetes, and childhood disease treatments. But did you know that stem cells can also help you regenerate your hair? There’s three places we can get stem cells from in the adult body: blood, bone … Read More

Eyebrow Transplants

You know the routine, you do it every morning. Wash & moisturize, foundation, check for stray hairs, straighten the ones there, and draw in the rest.  Make sure you cover the small scar from falling out of a tree when you were a kid.  Get the arches even. Add a little texture so they look … Read More