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Unsymmetrical Hairline and What it Means

older man checking his hair in a mirror

If your hairline does not match on both sides and the issue is recent, you may wonder if it indicates the onset of balding. As you age, the hairline does tend to recede. However, when the process is uneven, it can become cause for concern. A “maturing hairline” is a perfectly normal part of getting…

Even Superman Faced Hair Loss Problems

Hair Transplant Atlanta GA

Did you know? The actor who most famously portrayed Superman suffered from a condition known as alopecia areata, which results in patchy hair loss. In fact, for the third and fourth titles in the franchise, Christopher Reeve had to wear a wig during filming. It is also reported that the iconic lead man would use…

Is Forehead Reduction Surgery Right For You?

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Losing hair above the forehead can completely transform the appearance of your facial anatomy. The forehead may become longer, which could have a negative impact on your aesthetic appearance. Symmetry and the balance of the features are dramatically changed, leaving you scrambling to find hairstyles that cover the clues of balding. At Kalos Hair Restoration,…

Restore Head and Facial Hair for Facial Rejuvenation

Man with Long Hair Atlanta GA

When considering rejuvenation procedures, many men think of cosmetic surgeries. However, you can roll back the years by changing facial features and still show the signs of aging. At Kalos Hair Restoration, we offer an alternative or complementary approach. A receding hairline or hair loss can really tell the tale of your age. Some men…

Three Kalos Hair Restoration Benefits in Georgia

Older Gentleman With Nice Hair

Hair restoration techniques vary from one provider to the next. With advanced NeoGraft from Kalos Hair Restoration in Georgia, Dr. Ben Stong offers several benefits over his competitors. If you are concerned about cost versus results, we have solutions that will put your mind at ease. Traditionally, hair restoration methods have fallen way short of…

Two Major Benefits of Scarless Hair Restoration in Atlanta

Man with Receding Hairline

Does the thought of giveaway scarring put you off hair restoration? Traditional methods for combating baldness are fraught with problems. One of the main issues for many candidates is the visibility of scarring where donor hair follicles are harvested. Using the NeoGraft system from Kalos Hair Restoration in combination with Dr. Ben Stong’s enhanced techniques,…

Is Hair Loss a Potentially Career-Ending Transformation in Atlanta?

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There are some professions that are all about image. If those expectations extend to the personal appearances of employees, it may spell trouble for those who are suffering from hair loss or thinning. While an employer cannot legally discriminate against you due to baldness, there are other ways they can make progression difficult. Candidate Profiling…

Is Hair Loss Affecting Your Musical Styling in Atlanta?

Man with Long Hair Atlanta GA

For musicians, every aspect of image is important. If you have built a following as a solo artist or as part of a band, fans will notice any change in personal appearances. Hair loss is not a choice, but it can impact how you come across on stage. It may even affect your confidence, which…

Common Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrows on Woman Atlanta GA

You may be surprised to learn that there are many common causes of eyebrow hair loss. While eyebrows may grow back once the issue has been resolved, some causes are permanent or lead to long-lasting hair loss. Alopecia Areata There are several forms of alopecia and the type you have will determine where you experience…

5 Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment Options

Bald Man Smiling

Have you noticed your hair thinning or balding? You might be surprised to learn that there are non-surgical treatment options available that can slow or prevent additional hair loss and may even help stimulate new hair growth. Supplements & Medications There are two FDA-approved medications as well as many supplements that are proven effective when…

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