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How Hair Loss Affects Your Head

Atlanta GA Hair Restoration Clinic

Your hair plays a big role in how you feel about yourself. Some of your earliest memories may be having your mom comb out and fix your hair or going to a barber shop for a cut. As a culture, we’ve been trained to care for our hair and their bodies carefully.  But what happens…

When Your Forehead Gets Too Big

man combing his hair

Have you ever felt like your forehead has gotten wider and wider? As you age and your hair thins, that ever widening space between your eyebrows and your hairline can make you look and feel older. Are you ready to turn back time and get a more youthful look?  Something called “forehead reduction” surgery can…

When a Hair Transplant Goes Wrong

older man checking his hair in a mirror

The days of “plugs” and chia pet looking hair transplants are gone. Skilled, artistic surgeons like Dr. Ben Stong are able to create new hairlines that look and feel natural. Technology like NeoGraft allow for precision in extracting follicles for transplant and placing them in the correct spot. But not all plastic surgeons and hair…

Put It Up for Summer!

In Atlanta, the summer is H.O.T. We are far enough inland that we don’t get that coastal breeze, and far enough south that the temperatures soar.  Figuring out what to do with your hair can be a challenge. It’s easy enough to crop your son’s hair very close or give your young daughter a pixie…

So, You’ve Had Surgery, Now What?

man combing his hair

Hair restoration surgery is different than any other surgery. It’s minimally invasive, but has the possibility of changing your entire life. While recovery from the procedure is relatively quick, the final results can take up to a year to see. This is what a timeline of your recovery might look like: Week 1-2: Redness from…

Three Questions About Hair Restoration

main with a bald head

As you investigate your options for hair restoration, there are three considerations that you’ll keep coming back to: pain level, scarring/noticeability, and lasting effect. There are plenty of answers to be found on the internet, but this is our take on hair restoration surgery using Follicular Unit Extraction. Will It Hurt? Hair restoration is performed…

Stress and Alopecia: How to Handle Anxiety and Regrow Your Hair

Atlanta GA Hair Restoration Clinic

If you’re under stress, your body will tell you.  Your blood pressure elevates, you might develop headaches, insomnia, heartburn or ulcers. And to top it off, your hair may fall out.  The good news is that with some modification of behavior and environment, you stand a reasonable chance of reversing your symptoms… including the hair…

Three Ways to Conceal the Fact You Had Hair Transplant Surgery

smiling woman with beautiful hair

For the last three years, your hair has been thinning, falling out, and simply looking worse and worse.  You tried several treatments, all with little lasting success; now you’re moving on to transplant surgery.  The procedure is easy, but that’s not the part you’re worried about.  What you’re concerned with is what will happen the…

What’s the Deal with Over the Counter Hair Restoration Products?

man combing his hair

If you turned on the television in the 90s, you were inundated with commercials for Rogaine. It’s still available at your local Walgreens or Target. Wondering how they work and if they’re worth the money? Here’s the breakdown: Rogaine works for 30-40% of patients with male or female pattern hair loss, but researchers don’t exactly know…

Three Nutrients to Help Your Hair- and One Supplement You Might Not Know About!

red headed woman with beautiful hair

Hair loss is stressful. When you start to research why it’s happening, you find that there are many reasons your hair could be falling out aside from male or female pattern hair loss: stress, thyroid function, tight hairstyles, poor nutrition. Now you can decrease your stress level through meditation or exercise, relax your hairstyle to…

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