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What’s Different About Women’s Hair Loss?

Stressed Woman Atlanta GA

When men lose their hair, a surprising number will grab the razor and go fully bald. This is an acceptable response to male hair loss. However, if a woman does that, she’s considered unconventional or worse. It’s not nearly as socially acceptable as men’s hair loss. Unfortunately, about 50% of women experience significant hair loss.…

Top 3 Questions You’re Afraid to Ask About Hair Restoration

Man With Full Head Of Hair

When you’re thinking about hair restoration services, it can feel emotional. When most people become emotional, it can be difficult to make sound decisions, even about our own care. This can translate into a fear of asking questions when seeking answers for a hair loss problem. So, here are the top 3 questions you’re afraid…

Can Hair Loss Be Reversed?

Hair Loss Atlanta GA

If you have noticed some hair loss, you may be concerned that going bald is in your future. The good news is that, if recognized early, it may be possible to halt and even reverse early signs of hair loss. Common Early Hair Loss Signals Bald spots – you may notice small areas where your…

The Many Causes of Thinning Eyebrows


Eyebrow styles have changed many times over the years, but if you suffer from eyebrow loss, it can be difficult to keep up with current trends. Here are some causes that contribute to eyebrow hair loss, and some available treatment options that can restore hair growth. Eyebrow Hair Loss Causes Many conditions can cause eyebrow…

Three Ways COVID-19 Can Contribute to Hair Shedding

Man Looking in Mirror

The telogen phase describes normal hair shedding that occurs every day. This natural cycle goes mostly unnoticed, with the most observable hair loss usually taking place during bathing. However, there are certain health issues that can cause these phases to increase in frequency and volume. Telogen effluvium occurs when more hairs than normal are shed…

Are You Shampooing Your Hair Enough or Too Much?

Hair in a Ponytail

If your hair never quite turns out right after a shower, your shampooing regimen could be the problem. There are several factors that can impact your results, so no single brand or type of shampoo will suit every need. Identifying the right product for you is a process, but there are clues that can help…

How Common is Female Hair Loss?

Female Hair Loss

Most women are shocked when they first experience hair loss, thinking that it’s very uncommon and something must be wrong. The truth is that many women will experience noticeably thinning hair or balding at some point in their lives, and not all reasons for the hair loss are concerning. Understanding the statistics of hair loss…

Does Cigarette Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Woman With Hair Loss

We know that genetics can be one of the most significant factors contributing to hair loss. However, other things can influence the severity of that hair loss, especially over long periods. One of those is cigarette smoking. How do nicotine cigarettes cause hair loss? They can affect it in several ways. Poor Circulation It’s well…

Hair Shedding or Hair Loss?

Smiling Couple With Nice Hair

It is understandable to worry about your hair falling out – especially if you come from a family of bald men. Hair shedding is normal, but there is a stage where the level of loss can become more of a concern. On an average day, between 50 and 100 strands of hair falling out is…

A Reliable Solution for Female Hair Loss

Hair Care Atlanta GA

Countless women feel that a thick, luscious head of hair is their ‘crowning glory,’ and is a key element of their personal appearance and self-esteem. Selecting a hairstyle is a deeply personal choice for most women, and is essentially part of their identity. Often, women will keep the same hairstyle for years, whereas others change…

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