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Winterize Your Hair

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Winter arrives with the holiday season, and with it cold, dry, hair damaging air. Do you know how to care for your locks to keep them happy and healthy?

Moisturizing Is Key!

There are several ways you can keep your hair from drying out. Avoid the daily wash, which strips your hair and scalp. Use a good leave-in conditioner after each wash, and deep condition overnight once a week. And finally, apply hair oils like argan, jojoba, coconut, or even olive oil as you style.

Avoid Styling Damage

Harsh chemicals used for coloring have worse effects in the winter. Heat can also damage your tresses, so keep styling with flat irons and curling wands to a minimum. At the same time, your hair needs to be completely dry before you go outside in the cold, or the excess water will expand and break your hair shaft. Use a towel or a cotton t-shirt to squeeze out water and blow dry on the lowest setting.

Protect It

Curly heads are probably more used to the phrase “protected style,” but it works for both curls or straight hair as well. This technique refers to styling your hair in ways that keep it coiled or braided together and close to the head, limiting the damage that can be done to loose strands. Another way to protect hair is to line your hats with satin so that wool, acrylic, and polyester yarns can’t cause static and frizz.

Looking for more ways to get a healthy head of hair? Kalos Hair Restoration carries nourishing vitamins, serums and offers plasma treatments to help thicken your hair and stimulate natural growth. Contact our Atlanta office to find out how we can help you!

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