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Will My Hair Care Regimen Make My Hair Fall Out?

woman combing her hair

If you look online, you can find almost anything: ideas about literature, pros and cons for any choice you might have to make, and a million and one ideas about hair care.

There are even some people who are militant about the right products to use: only organic, no alcohol, no silicone, no dimethylethyl…stuff. They’ll tell you to use the really expensive brands, or that one drugstore brand is okay, but only for some hair. And eventually, if you go far enough down the rabbit hole, you’ll see reports that any unnatural chemical you use for your hair will make it all fall out.

But don’t trust just anything you hear on the internet. It’s not all true, after all.

So What’s The Truth?

The truth is that the handful of blue gel you use to style your hair is not remotely harmful to your head or scalp. It will make your hair sticky and pointy, and stay in one place, but it can’t make it fall out from the scalp.  If your hair is long enough though, excessive amounts of gel and other product can make it break.

A Different Cause

Hair loss is typically caused by one of two things: DNA and stress. Not hair products. Keep your hair clean, and eat well to nourish your skin and follicles.  If your hair has begun to thin and you don’t have a forward hairline any longer, the time has come to meet Dr. Stong and find out how you can get your life back! Call us today for a consultation.

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