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Widening The Part

Dr Benjaming Stong

When you combed your hair this morning, how long did you have to spend to cover the part? Did you tease it up a little? Comb it over the other way? Swirl it up and over? How much product did you use?

If you’re starting to notice a wider part or a shiny spot at the back, you’re probably doing some things to help compensate for it. But at the same time, you’re also wondering if anyone else has noticed, and are starting to feel very self-conscious. These feelings can destroy your confidence and self-esteem. And none of those crafty hair styles truly work as well as you’d like them to.

Try Something Different

When you’re ready, why not try a different approach to thinning hair and male pattern baldness? At Kalos Hair Restoration, we offer many different techniques to thicken, regrow, and transplant hair.

  • LLLT: Low Level Laser Light Therapy can encourage your hair’s growth cycle. This helps thicken existing hair, and can make thinning follicles thicker.
  • PRP Treatments: Platelet Rich Plasma injections use your body’s own platelets to stimulate the growth and restore damaged follicles to a life.
  • NeoGraft Hair Transplant: A Follicular Unit Extraction procedure, NeoGraft is a new kind of transplant. After each follicle is harvested, it is re-implanted using the artistic eye of Dr. Benjamin Stong and the laser precision of the NeoGraft robotic device. It allows for a shorter recovery time and more natural outcome.

Taken individually, each method can help ease your hair woes. But when used in conjunction with each other, these techniques can be a powerful tool to combat your hair loss.

Call Kalos Hair Restoration today to find out about other methods we have available and how we can help you. Hair loss won’t slow down or reverse on its own. Contact us for a consultation today!

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