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Why is My Hair Thinning?

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Are you unhappy with the way your hair looks in pictures? If the problem isn’t graying, you may be experiencing hair thinning. When the follicles begin to die, you will notice that your hair is getting thinner.

Baldness is not always the ultimate result, but hair thinning can dramatically alter your appearance. In a young person, dying hair follicles are especially problematic. The difference in hair density is noticeable and can cause a lack of confidence.

Hair Follicles

The follicles that gave you that thick head of hair are cell-lined sacs. The process of growing and maintaining hair relies on the sebaceous glands. These are responsible for producing a fatty excretion known as sebum. In the normal cycle of hair growth, sebum is responsible for keeping the hair and scalp oiled.

One of the reasons that hair follicles die is lack of nourishment. If your hair is thinning, it may indicate a dietary problem. The hair is a good indicator of general health, in that a lot of serious health conditions lead to hair thinning or loss.

Hair Thinning

Hair follicles can go into a phase where thinning occurs but is not irreversible. This prevents hair from growing for a short period of time. Long-term hair loss is different in that the follicles are dead rather than resting.

An experienced hair restoration specialist can tell the difference between resting and dead hair follicles. If you are concerned about hair loss in or around Atlanta, seek consultation with a doctor who specializes in hair restoration. Bringing that thickness and vibrancy back is often more convincing before you begin to go bald.

Call Kalos Hair Restoration if you have any questions about hair thinning or baldness. We are committed to ensuring our patients receive the most appropriate treatments for their individual needs.

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