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When Does Wearing a Hat Contribute to Baldness?

Joyful man and woman wearing straw hats taking a selfie.

You may have noticed that people who wear hats are more likely to suffer from baldness. However, one does not necessarily lead to the other. In many cases, baseball caps and beanies are worn to cover up an already existing problem.

However, the question remains: can wearing a hat contribute to baldness? The simple answer is, yes, in very limited circumstances. Anything that damages hair follicles or puts stress on the hair can lead to a condition called traction alopecia.

Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia describes what can happen when the hair is pulled too tightly. Wearing a hat may lead to excess pressure on the hair, which can scar and reduce the follicles. If you once had a full head of hair pulled back or worn in a tight hairstyle, chances are your fashion choices contributed more to hair loss.

After a shower or preparing for a night out could have also caused your traction alopecia. Brushing with too much force or using the wrong technique is not recommended. You are more likely to damage hair follicles this way. One of the signs of poor hair care is a sore scalp after letting your hair down.

Signs of Baldness

It is important to understand that daily hair loss is normal. You may shed 50-100 strands each day without worrying about baldness. Most people will notice an obvious increase in hair loss, among other telltale signs.

A receding hairline could indicate that you are suffering from the early signs of baldness. Depending on the severity of the problem, your forehead may begin to look much larger. Bald spots on the head are a cause for concern, as is a larger parting in your hairstyle.

If your hair is thinning and looks unhealthy, it is time to explore treatment options. At Kalos Hair Restoration, we offer a range of effective procedures to replace lost hair. Treatment areas include the head, eyebrows, mustache and beard.

Reach out to Kalos Hair Restoration today and ask about NeoGraft®. This revolutionary solution uses your own hair follicles to improve hair restoration results at our Atlanta offices.

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