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What’s the Deal with Over the Counter Hair Restoration Products?

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If you turned on the television in the 90s, you were inundated with commercials for Rogaine. It’s still available at your local Walgreens or Target. Wondering how they work and if they’re worth the money? Here’s the breakdown:

Rogaine works for 30-40% of patients with male or female pattern hair loss, but researchers don’t exactly know why. The drug is a vasodialator, which is to say it dilates the blood vessels, specifically acting as a potassium channel opener, which allows additional blood flow and nutrient delivery to the hair follicles. However, this is all mostly speculative, because they don’t actually know why it works, they just know that it does.

Rogaine Vs Hair Transplant?

The problem with Rogaine is that once it starts to work, you have to continue using it, indefinitely. A cost of $35/month over the course of 20 years adds up, and that doesn’t take into account your chemical exposure or if you react to anything in the product!

A more permanent solution to your hair loss is a follicular unit extraction transplant. Entire follicles are extracted and replanted where the hairs will grow in an aesthetically pleasing direction. Once the transplant is completed and your scalp has a chance to heal, you can treat your it just like normal hair!

Rogaine works for many patients; it’s worth a try. But when you get tired of daily treatments or realize it’s not working for you, contact Kalos Hair Transplant. A consultation with Dr. Stong can start you down the road toward a full head of hair!

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