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Washing Your Hair After A Hair Transplant in Atlanta

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One of the most popular questions patients have after a hair transplant is how should they go about washing it. This is a very good question especially considering since how you take care of your hair after treatment plays a big role in how things will turn out.

How To Wash Your Hair Transplants

Beginning 2-3 days after surgery, you can wash your hair in the shower. It’s okay to gently touch the grafts with your fingertips but be careful not to scratch them with your nails.

Squeeze some shampoo into your hands and lather it up before gently rubbing it into your hair.

For 4 – 5 days post-op, don’t rinse with the water from a strong shower head. Instead, use a cup to remove the shampoo.

Using Hair Products and Tools

If you normally use hair products like mousse or gel, then you can resume doing so one week after your surgery. Be sure though, to wash it out every day.

When combing your hair do it very gently to prevent the grafts from pulling out.

For 1-2 weeks after your treatment, avoid using a hot hair dryer.

Cutting, perming, or dying your hair should avoided until after all scabs have fallen off.

When to Seek Help

If you’ve noticed that some of the grafts have been dislodged, or if you see anything else that concerns you, then feel free to contact Dr. Stong at Kalos Hair Transplant in Atlanta. We can help you if any issues arise, or even if it’s just to tell you that what you’re experiencing is normal. When you have our team by your side, you can rest easy knowing you’re being taken care of by the best.

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