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Vitamins For Your Hair

Dr Benjaming Stong

When you woke up this morning and got ready for your day, you noticed several hairs on your pillow. There were more when you showered, and still more when you combed or brushed through it. What’s this? So you look back at pictures from last year, the year before, 10 years ago. Was your hair thicker then? You grab a hand mirror and angle yourself between it and the big mirror on the wall. Crouch down a little, tilt your head back. Is it thinning? Are you getting that bald spot your grandfather had?

Gradual hair loss can be difficult to spot because you get used to looking in the mirror at yourself every day and don’t see those minute, infinitesimal changes as they occur. But over time those tiny increments will add up to thinning hair, and even a balding head. Now, bald is beautiful. Don’t ever think that it’s not. But it can be an unwelcome change if you aren’t ready for it; there’s no reason not to try to slow it down or reverse hair loss to keep that youthful mane that you’re not ready to lose just yet.

If you aren’t quite in need of a hair transplant, or even medications like Propecia or Rogaine, why not try some nutritional supplements? Believe it or not, there are vitamins that work to strengthen and thicken your hair!

Kalos Hair Restoration of Atlanta is proud to offer Viviscal Professional, the #1 clinically proven hair supplement. Alone, it can help slow thinning and loss. In conjunction with microneedling, PRP injections, or Stem Cell Therapy, it can help regenerate and retain your natural hair. Make an appointment today to find out if Viviscal is right for you!

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