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Unsymmetrical Hairline and What it Means

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If your hairline does not match on both sides and the issue is recent, you may wonder if it indicates the onset of balding. As you age, the hairline does tend to recede. However, when the process is uneven, it can become cause for concern.

A “maturing hairline” is a perfectly normal part of getting older. This process occurs in both men and women. Although it may seem that you are balding – given the changes that are taking place – this is not necessarily the case. It is only when the hair line continues to recede to the point where bald spots appear that you should worry.

The bad news is that you cannot prevent an uneven hairline from developing. What you can do is slow down the process. There are several lifestyle changes that can have a positive impact. Making these adjustments may just save you from suffering premature balding.

Healthy Eating

Hair health is impacted by the things that you eat and drink. By eating a diet that includes antioxidants, you can improve the health of hair. These foods include choices such as berries, beans, leafy greens and pecans. Other recommended dietary changes are foods that contain iron, zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin A.

Lifestyle Adjustments

The lifestyle that you lead could result in the early onset of balding. Smoking is not great for hair health, and nor is the overconsumption of alcohol. It is also a good idea to exercise regularly for a stronger hairline. When it comes to washing hair, choose a shampoo that is gentle and proven to aid growth.

Avoid Hair Loss-Promoting Medications

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to list all the medications that have the potential to promote hair loss. Most drugs include an extensive list of potential side effects, which means you are facing a virtual lottery. While it is important to change medications if you begin to experience accelerated hair loss, always speak to your primary care provider first.

Reduce Stress

Stress is believed to be a leading cause of hair loss in younger men and women. Removing the factors that cause you emotional discomfort may reduce the rate of hair loss. Additionally, you can book a consultation with Kalos Hair Restoration in Atlanta, Georgia today.

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