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Unfortunate Moments to Discover You are Balding

Young concerned man looking at a mirror and touching his hair.

Many people believe that balding is something that happens slowly but in ways that are easily identifiable. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. While you can experience increased hair loss over time, you may not notice the problem right away.

Hair loss is a significant event for both women and men. If you are not paying attention, the visible effects of balding can come as a shock. There are also moments in life when such a revelation is most unwelcome.

Attending a Wedding

Getting dressed up for a wedding, whether it is your own or not, is typically a big deal. From your clothes to your hairstyle, everything has to be perfect. This is one of the worst possible moments to discover that you have been losing hair at an alarming rate.

Women may see the effects of hair thinning with a different cut, style or color. For men, the reality of male pattern baldness is usually identified when hair is cut shorter or shaved. In either case, you may find yourself hiding from the photographer at the event.

A First Date

First dates are stress-inducing enough without having to face a life-changing discovery. Each person will have certain expectations, and emerging baldness is not usually one of them. When your hair is more of a distraction than a positive focal point, it doesn’t bode well for a second date.

Of course, views on baldness are a matter of personal opinion. With that said, finding out that you are losing hair at a rapid pace right before your date is not ideal. You may feel tempted to bring it up in conversation, or feel paranoid the entire time. In either case, the timing is something you could do without.

Job Interview

Nerves play a major role in attending job interviews. When you get a new haircut to build confidence, noticing bald spots or thinning hair can have the opposite effect. Certain employees may also make snap judgments on your appearance depending on the requirements of the role.

If you have noticed that you are suffering from baldness for the first time, reach out to Kalos Hair Restoration in Atlanta for solutions.

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