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Top 5 Reasons to Seek Eyebrow Hair Restoration

Woman's eyes with beautiful thick eyebrows.

The advanced options in hair transplant procedures have increased individuals seeking facial hair restoration, including the eyebrows. Full, shapely eyebrows accentuate the eyes and improve the overall aesthetics of the face. There are many reasons our patients at Kalos Hair Restoration come to us to discuss an eyebrow hair transplant procedure, including these top five eyebrow concerns.

1. Genetics

Not everyone is blessed with thick or darker eyebrows. Genetics are a big part of how much eyebrow hair you will grow. If you were born with thin or scarce eyebrows, hair transplant surgery can be used to expand and thicken your eyebrows to the desired appearance.

2. Aging

As you get older, you may notice you have less and less eyebrow hair. While some people seem to get bushier eyebrows with age, others have just the opposite occur. If your eyebrow hair begins falling out quicker than it is replaced, a hair transplant can be used to create the eyebrow thickness you want.

3. Overplucking

In decades past, plucking, waxing and threading eyebrow hair was popular. Years of pulling out eyebrow hairs often leaves damaged hair follicles that no longer grow eyebrow hair. Eyebrow hair transplants are often requested due to previous plucking or shaping methods.

4. Illness or Medications

There are diseases that can result in eyebrow hair loss, as well as medications or treatments that can affect hair follicles. Many people seeking to restore their eyebrows have lost their facial hair from medical concerns and want to look and feel like their old selves again.

5. Burns or Scars

Injuries to the skin where eyebrow hair grows can result in permanent damage. Burn, lacerations and other injuries can result in bald areas on the eyebrow. FUE hair transplantation is perfect for filling in eyebrows missing hair from scars or injuries.

If you have thin, sparce or missing eyebrows, FUE hair restoration is an effective option for creating the desired appearance. Kalos Hair Restoration offers the most advanced procedures to restore beautiful eyebrows for our patients. Call our office in Atlanta, GA to schedule an eyebrow hair restoration consultation with Dr. Benjamin Stong.

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