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The Worst Accessory for Your Hair

Dr Benjaming Stong

From heat styling to chemical coloring, we can definitely do a number on the health of our hair. Even restorative hair is prone to breakage if it’s not cared for properly. However, if you’re seeing more hair in the sink, tub, or on your brush than usual, your favorite hair accessory may be to blame.

Yes, we’re talking about hair ties.

Hair ties, elastics, rubber bands and other accessories commonly used to pull back hair are notorious for causing damage and breakage. Here’s how:

  • When we wear our hair pulled back too tightly, we’re putting unnecessary pressure on the hairline. If you’re a chronic ponytail wearer, this can damage the actual hair follicle over time, causing fallout.
  • Throwing your hair up while it’s wet breaks delicate hair strands.
  • Hair ties that have metal or rubber on them tug and pull at hair, causing knotting and breakage. They’re even worse on hair that’s already damaged or splitting.
  • Sleeping on hair that’s tied up also causes knotting, breakage, and fallout – even if it’s tangle-free when you tie it back.

In some cases, even if you are use gentle products, hair can break and fall out. Hair breakage and loss isn’t always a result of accessories, but rather a combination of environmental and heredity factors that can lead to substantial hair loss.

To learn more about the potential causes of your hair loss, schedule a consultation with Kalos Hair Transplant. We offer the latest in safe, effective hair restoration treatments and can help you get back to looking your best.

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