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The Truth about Hair Loss in Women

Female Hair Loss

For a woman, hair loss is a devastating and emotional experience. Our society expects women of any age to sport a thick head of hair. Short or shaved hairstyles draw negative connotations, often perceived as unfeminine.

There are several key signs of hair loss in women. You may find more hair falling out when brushing or washing or see more hair on your pillow in the morning. Noticeable bald or thin patches are another sign of increased hair loss. If your ponytail seems smaller or your hair parting is getting wider, this indicates hair is falling out faster than it can regrow.

It is natural to confide in friends and family about your hair loss concerns. Unfortunately, many myths exist about the cause of female hair loss. As a result, you could be taking unnecessary steps to stimulate growth or unfairly blaming yourself when uncontrollable factors are at play.

Common Hair Loss Myths

Many prevalent hair loss myths place blame on the woman. For example, it is often claimed that failing to treat dandruff leads to permanent hair loss. Conversely, women have also been told that shampooing their hair too much causes it to fall out. Women are also consistently told that measures they may take to conceal thinning hair, such as hats or wigs, are in fact exacerbating the issue.

Before speaking to Kalos Hair Restoration in Atlanta, many of our female patients have been given dubious advice on how to address hair loss. For example, a common myth is that shaving the head will make the hair thicker as it grows back. Using exactly one hundred strokes to brush hair is another myth that is mistakenly believed to stimulate growth.

Some women have even reported standing on their heads for extended periods of time, mistakenly believing that this will improve circulation and bring back lost hair. This practice is highly dangerous and in no way recommended.

What Does Cause Hair Loss in Women?

An event that places a great strain on the body’s faculties can lead to hair loss in women. Sudden weight loss, pregnancy and emotional stress are some examples of contributing factors. In addition, chemotherapy or certain medications may damage hair follicles and restrict growth. Alternatively, you may be predisposed to hair loss through a combination of genetics and aging.

Kalos Hair Restoration believes that no woman should feel guilty about hair loss. To feel more comfortable with your appearance, contact our Atlanta office today.

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