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The Significance of Healthy Hair for Men

A handsome man looking at his hair in a mirror.

When we think about the significance of having healthy and beautiful hair, women are usually the main focus of the conversation. However, men have long held associations with hair related to status and cultural factors.

Hair loss can impact men in several ways. In American society, people may make snap judgments based on appearances. Male pattern baldness is one example of a condition that may therefore dictate how you are perceived.

Unfortunately, approximately 25% of men in the United States will face significant hair loss by the age of 21. At such a young age, this can have a devastating impact on confidence. There is also the very real possibility that male pattern baldness will close doors to a chosen career.

Grooming & Hair Styles

Throughout the ages, men have expressed their status through personal grooming choices. Many subcultures are easily identifiable by hairstyles that are popular within the group. Balding at a young age may prevent young men from fully establishing their identity.

Grooming and hairstyle is also of cultural importance to many men. In many tribal cultures, longer hair in men is a sign of strength and pride. The length and style of hair can also indicate a member’s status within the tribe.

Hair Biology

The hair performs important functions in human biology that are dictated by length and coverage. UV rays can damage the skin and may lead to the development of skin cancer with overexposure. A luscious head of hair can protect the scalp in the scorching sun.

If you are balding and now feeling the heat, don’t panic. Your hair is a natural insulator that helps regulate heat distribution. With the right hairstyle, men are better able to work longer in the sun and enjoy outdoor sporting activities.

Hair Loss Consultation

No matter what your relationship is with your hair, there is help available for male pattern baldness in Atlanta. Kalos Hair Restoration offers a range of treatments, including the revolutionary NeoGraft system.

Call our offices today to book a consultation with a hair restoration specialist in Georgia.

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