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The Cultural Significance of Hair for Women

Beautiful brunette woman with long, thick wavy hair.

Your hairstyle is reflective of your personality, culture and style. With modern dying techniques and the availability of high-quality extensions, the choices are endless in how you choose to express yourself through your hair.

You can express your femininity with long, silken locks, or break the mold with a funky Mohawk in extreme color combinations. Having the freedom and opportunity to sport hair that truly reflects who you are is intrinsically American. In other parts of the world, hair holds even more cultural significance, often indicating the social or economic status of the wearer.

The Grace of a Geisha

A Japanese geisha embodies stylish perfection in every aspect of their demeanor and dress. A geisha’s hairstyle is no different, and designed to complement the lines of a traditional kimono. Although most adult geisha achieve their jaw-dropping hairstyles by using wigs, apprentice geisha still fashion their hair in the traditional ‘split peach’ style.

Beauty and Practicality with the Masai

To combat the stifling heat and biting insects of the Serengeti, Masai women wear their hair cropped short. This visually differentiates them from male warriors, who sport long plaits. Masai women decorate their hair with colorful beads in styles that confirm their age, marital status and wealth. When participating in ceremonial dances, the beadwork moves and bounces to create a stunning visual display.

Devadasi Girls Show Devotion with Their Hair

Hair is deeply connected with religion in Indian culture. Goddesses are frequently described as having beautiful, cascading hair. Devadasi girls are considered ‘married’ to a Hindu temple and their hair reflects their piety and devotion. These women cultivate hair in long, matted dreadlocks known as jaedi.

Miao Women Keep their Culture Alive

Miao women hail from rural China, where oxen and water buffalo are an essential element of survival. Their elaborate hairstyle involves wrapping hair around shaped pieces of wood placed on the head, intended to reflect the horns of a cow. Not only does Miao hair represent their agricultural heritage, it links women to their ancestors. To maximize the volume of this style, women will incorporate pieces of hair from their mothers and grandmothers.

Understanding the Importance of Hair at Kalos Hair Restoration

American women are not required to create the elaborate hairstyles of the Miao, or telegraph their social status through hair like the Masai. That said, beautiful, thick hair is no less important for feeling and looking good. If you are concerned that your hair is thinning or balding, contact Doctor Benjamin Stong at his Atlanta, Georgia, clinic today.

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