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The Biology of a Strand of Hair

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You may look at and touch your hair every day, but have you really thought about what makes up your lovely locks? Having a better understanding of what a strand of hair is made of can help you better protect yours from fall out, breakage, and loss.

Keratin — Regardless of the type or color of your hair, the majority of one of your strands is composed mostly of keratin. Keratin is a tough protein that you can also find in your fingernails. It helps to protect epithelial cells, like skin and hair, from damage.

Melanin — Melanin isn’t only responsible for the pigment, or color, of your skin. It’s also the polymer responsible for giving your hair its color. Each strand contains two types — eumelanin and pheomelanin.

Lipids — Lipids are part of the system that helps to protect your hair from environmental damage. These fat-like substances help guard your hair shaft against heat styling, over-drying, and too much sun exposure.

Hair is also made up of about 10 percent water, and trace elements of minerals such as aluminum and zinc can also be found deep within your locks.

Each of these characteristics (and several others!) work together to keep your hair strong and healthy, and when one is altered, damaged, or otherwise affected — it can lead to both temporary or permanent fallout.

Dr. Stong and Kalos Hair Transplant offer several hair restoration options to help you regain your confidence after hair loss. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation!


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