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Scientists Search For More Information

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Hair loss affects as much as 50% of women and up to 80% of men. It is devastating in its effects on confidence and self-image. Research abounds on methods of treatment and studies into the cause. The genetic studies seem the most interesting, and perhaps the most promising. Researchers believe if they can mark the predictors for both male and female pattern baldness, they may be able to find a preemptive cure to stop hair loss from occurring.

In the 90s, studies provided the clue that male pattern baldness came through the X chromosome, through the maternal side. Newer studies have begun to pinpoint more characteristics that crossover with alopecia. For instance, men who are of smaller stature, or who have lighter skin pigmentation are more likely to be predisposed to male pattern baldness than someone who is 6’3” with an olive complexion.

Promising Developments and Crossovers

Although research into the genetics behind hair loss still has a long way to go, the newer techniques developed to treat thinning or lost hair show great promise. More accurate and artistic systems to transplant hair, like FUE with Neograft, have been developed. Therapies that have shown good effects in other areas of medicine have a crossover application for hair restoration procedures. Two such treatments are Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections and Stem Cell Therapy. PRP injections use a concentrated amount of your own blood to increase healing time after transplant surgery; Stem Cells help generate new hair growth.

At Kalos Hair Restoration, we offer these treatments as well as many others. We want to make sure you have all the information necessary to make a well informed decision about your hair and scalp care. Call our Atlanta office today for a consultation with Dr. Ben Stong, and start looking forward to tomorrow.

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