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Post-Procedure Transplant Tips

before after photo of a mans hair after undergoing a procedure

Recently received a hair transplant? We’ve got some tips for your new and improved hair care routine that will help keep your follicles strong and looking their best.

Skip the chemicals.
After a hair transplant procedure, it’s important to steer clear of the harsh chemicals found in dyes, hair styling products, even some shampoos. Stick with mild, gentle cleansers instead to avoid irritating the transplant sites – or with the specific shampoo given by the doctor.

Avoid heat styling.
High temperatures are not ideal for post-transplant patients – it can damage your new, delicate follicles. Use a lower, cooler setting when styling your hair, instead.

Say no to sweat.
This means avoiding the sun, staying out of the gym, and avoiding hot tubs, or steam rooms. Excess sweating from these things can up the chance for infection at the transplant site.

Ask before you brush or comb.
Talk to your doctor about how long you need to wait before brushing or combing. The transplant sites need to be completely healed and the timeframe for this can differ from person to person.

For post-procedure hair care tips specific to you, including how long you need to wait to resume your normal hair care routine, always consult your doctor. And remember that the experts and staff here at Kalos Hair Transplant are always available to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today.


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