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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) And How It Relates to Hair Loss

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PCOS is a hormonal condition that affects the function of a woman’s ovaries. Having PCOS causes irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain and high levels of male hormones, called androgens. If you’re a woman in Atlanta with PCOS, you’re not alone.

How Does PCOS Relate to Hair Loss?

Androgenic hormones such as testosterone cause women to have hair growth in areas where it’s normal for men to have (but not females). For example, facial hair, hair on the neck, chest, and abdomen are common.

In addition, you may also experience hair loss around the front area of your hairline, which is called androgenetic alopecia or often referred to as male-pattern baldness.

Treatments for PCOS Related Hair Loss

Luckily there are several treatment options available for women who have androgenetic alopecia caused by PCOS.

For instance, there is a topical medication that blocks the effects of hair loss and can stimulate new hair regrowth.

Supplements that contain certain vitamins and minerals can also be effective.

Another option for hair loss caused by PCOS is undergoing low-level laser therapy. This special light triggers dormant hair follicles and encourages them to move into the growing stage while improving the health of your scalp.

Your surgeon may also recommend platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP, a treatment in which we extract the plasma from a sample of your blood and directly inject the plasma right back in your scalp. Doing so stimulates dormant hair follicles, encourages them to grow, and promotes circulation.

A hair transplant, though more invasive, is an option as well. During this surgery, healthy hair follicles are extracted from other areas of your head and implanted into the necessary places.

Which Hair Loss Option Is Right for You?

To determine which treatment option is best for you should come in for a consultation with our Atlanta hair experts.  Dr. Stong and his team will evaluate your condition and together we’ll come up with the best plan for you.  Don’t struggle any longer from the effects that PCOS has on your hair.  Give us a call today to find your solution.

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