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Physical Stress Can Make Your Hair Fall Out

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When the roots of your hair are pulled on and weighted down day after day after day, they get damaged. The hair falls out, and the follicle is irreparable. Repeated use of chemicals and heat too close to the scalp can also play a part. Hair loss from traction can affect anyone, regardless of their race, gender, or predisposition to balding, but certain hairstyles may be tighter and more damaging than others.

Be Kind To Your Hair

Heat: Everyone knows if you’re going to use a heat element to dry or style your hair, use a protectant first. But we think you should go even a step further. If you can’t avoid using a dryer, flat iron or curling wand, use it at the lowest heat setting possible, and keep it away from your roots and scalp. Use a diffuser attachment or a brush to diffuse the heat; start your flat iron below the root and only curl up to the last inch of hair near the scalp.

Chemicals: Perms, Straighteners, and Extensions all use chemicals that can burn or damage your scalp and roots. Take a break between chemical styles to allow your roots to heal. Have extensions removed gently.

Style: Avoid tight styles (braids & plaits) when possible. Don’t keep them in for extended period of time- no more than 2 or 3 months, tops! Let your hair down between styling to allow the roots to recover. Don’t add stress by twisting the length of the braids into an updo; the extra weight causes more pulling and traction in an already stressed area.

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