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Perfect Eyebrows Can Transform Your Face and Overall Appearance

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Eyebrows accent the face. Too strong brows will dominate delicate facial features. On the other hand, thin brows can make your face look askew if you have robust facial features. However, not everyone is blessed with naturally well-groomed brows, so regular trimming, shaping and filling are necessary to maintain a polished appearance.

Problems can arise if the thinning of your hair as you age also affects your eyebrows. Or perhaps you were born with exceptionally thin or nonexistent eyebrows. In either case, you likely wish there was a way to make your eyebrows larger and fuller. There is – the eyebrow hair transplant.

What is an Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

Dr. Benjamin Stong, our facial plastic surgeon, and his team at Kalos Hair Transplant have mastered the NeoGraft technology to restore eyebrow hair. This advanced hair transplant system involves Follicular Unit Extraction — a sophisticated hair transplant procedure that moves individual hair follicles to a new site. Therefore, there is no need for stitches, which means there will be no linear scarring and healing will occur quickly.

When it comes to reconstructing your eyebrows, where every hair must be precisely placed, NeoGraft is your best bet, especially in the hands of our extensively trained and experienced team. We carefully plan the location of each hair and have extensive knowledge of facial anatomy.

Eyebrows are Important to Attractiveness

Eyebrows are sometimes overlooked, yet they do so much more than just frame the eyes and face; they also play a vital part in conveying emotion, meaning and how others perceive you. A 2019 study on how facial features can determine a person’s attractiveness found that the eyes and eyebrows are critical.

The study’s authors wrote:

Among the facial features, eyebrows and eyes occupy an indispensable proportion. It is often said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, then we can consider the eyebrows as curtains. The eye is a picture of life, and the eyebrow is the picture frame. Therefore, the attractiveness of the face is closely related to the geometric and shape characteristics of the eyebrows.

The researchers examined the relationship between the face and eyebrows by integrating facial ratios and geometric eyebrow features. The aim was to provide a reference for medical and beauty guidelines, makeup and cosmetic assessments based on geometry for objective results.

Schedule an Appointment to Transform Your Face with Perfect Eyebrows

The Kalos NeoGraft team can restore your eyebrows with an artistic touch and seasoned expertise. If you are prepared to transform your face in one of the simplest ways possible, contact us for an eyebrow thickening consultation today.

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