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Hair Transplants Using Natural Follicles

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Having a natural, full head of hair may not be in your genetics, but with the help of Dr. Benjamin C. Stong, it can be a reality. At Kalos Plastic Surgery, one of the ways we can help men enjoy the hair that they deserve is by using the Follicular Unit Transfer method, or FUT transplant.

With a follicular transplant, you can regain your confidence as a professional and an individual. When you look better, you feel better…and you make a better impression on the people around you!

How Does it Work?

First, Dr. Stong will identify healthy donor sites across your scalp. Usually they are along the back of your hairline or the sides, which are less prone to balding. This prevents the area from looking too “thin” after we’ve collected donor follicles, for a more even look after the procedure is completed.

Next, we take follicles, one by one, and place them into the area where you desire to have more hair. Dr. Stong’s precise technique and skill ensures the best results possible.

Be Sure to Ask About Neografting

Our patients can expect a fast process with the Neograft procedure, as we use an efficient air/suction system for a safe and efficient follicle transfer. In fact, we can relocate as many as 3,000 follicles in just one session! There are no incisions or lengthy recovery times. In fact, you can even go back to work or the gym the next day because of how little impact it has on your comfort.

Is a Neograft or traditional follicular transfer right for you? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Benjamin C. Stong at Kalos Plastic Surgery, today for better confidence tomorrow!


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