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Does Hair Restoration Really Work?

before after photo of a mans hair after undergoing a procedure

This question is usually asked with a hefty dose of cynicism mixed with a little bit of hope. It sounds too good… but it IS true. There are ways to transplant and restore hair for people with both male and female pattern hair loss!

Doesn’t it Look Like Little Sprouts?

Not anymore. You probably remember people with hair transplants in the 80s. Pop culture made the “chia pet” hair transplant trope popular. Even though it wasn’t a very common effect of hair restoration, it lodged in people’s memories, for better or worse. In reality, especially with today’s technology, hair restoration looks and feels natural.

Whose Hair do I Get? 

Your own! There are two different transplant procedures: Follicular Unit Transfer(FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). While FUT is sometimes necessary, it is the lesser of the two techniques. With FUT, a strip of skin and hair is harvested from your scalp. The follicles get dissected and then implanted in the thinning areas. The harvested area may require stitches and will leave a small scar which will not re-grow hair.

FUE is the superior method, especially when accompanied by NeoGraft technology. FUE removes individual hair follicles (a group of 3-4 hairs) rather than a strip of skin. NeoGraft allows Dr. Stong to place the hair precisely in the best place depending on the direction the follicle grows. This allows for very natural looking hair. After your recovery time, you’ll be able to style your restored hair as if it grew there in the first place!

Curious if hair restoration is for you? Check out the link for NeoGraft at the bottom of our home page. You’ll be able to upload a picture and “try on” a new head of hair. Hair restoration really does work! Call Kalos today for your consultation.

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