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Hair Loss Affects Women Too

Kalos Hair Restoration

You’ve noticed the receding hair-lines, the comb-overs, the bad toupees. While we do tend to poke fun, sometimes gently, sometimes not, at men with hair loss, we mostly accept that it is a normal part of aging for males. The saying, “Bald is Beautiful!” was certainly created with this in mind. But for women who have hair that is thinning, the last thing they feel is beautiful.

The Difference in Male and Female Hair Loss

Most women experience baldness and hair loss differently than men do. While men tend to lose from the front and top, they retain stable follicles on the sides and back of their heads. Women experience the loss all over, gradually. You’ll notice it when you put your hair back in a ponytail and see your scalp a little over your ear. Or you’ll notice your part seems wider than it used to. Perhaps a few more hairs are in your brush than normal.

This type of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern baldness. It responds better to topical treatment than surgical implantation, simply because there is no place with enough stable follicles to transplant from.

When Other Factors are at Play 

Some women have disorders or other medical problems that would respond well to current transplant technology, as opposed to medication. Examples include:

  • If your hairline is receding in the same pattern as a man’s
  • If your hair has been yanked, pulled, or otherwise tugged out
  • If your hair is lost due to trauma, fire, chemical burns, etc.

In these cases, techniques like NeoGraft could work very well for you. The recovery time is short and the benefit of having your hair back is priceless. Call our Atlanta office today for a consultation.

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