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Girl, Wash Your Hair!

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If you have long, thick hair, you want to do whatever you can to care for it and keep it beautiful. This may mean using heavy conditioning, thickening serums, or jojoba oil. For some people, maintaining their hair means forgoing the wash in favor of using a dry shampoo.

The problem with using dry shampoo religiously is that it doesn’t actually clean your hair. It absorbs the oil and helps it look cleaner, but the dirt and oils are still in your hair. Dry shampoo actually makes your hair, and the daily grime stick to your scalp, possibly clogging pores and follicles. You may notice more shed hair on the days you actually wash your hair because the hair you would have already shed was adhered to your scalp!

What About the Itching?

If you notice that your scalp starts itching or that you have small bumps or even “pimples” in your hair, it’s a sign you should make a change in your hair routine. If washing your hair daily with regular shampoo is too harsh or drying, try switching to washing with conditioner or “co-pooing.” Use products without sulfates, parabens or silicones, for a gentle clean. You can even try clarifying periodically with apple cider vinegar.

Patchy Spots?

Once you switch back to a regular cleansing routine and stop the dry shampoo, pay attention to your hair shed. If you start to have thin or balding patches, it may be time to seek professional help. Kalos Hair Transplant in Atlanta has several treatments to help stimulate hair growth as well as hair transplant options for severe loss. Schedule your consultation today!

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