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Find a Permanent Solution for a Large Forehead

Man Smiling Forehead Reduction

A large forehead can be a distracting addition to your facial features. Many people who approach Kalos Hair Restoration report feeling like their forehead dominates the face.

The feeling that others are unduly focused on one aspect of your appearance can cause discomfort. For example, you may notice that other people’s eyes are drawn to your forehead or even become the victim of direct comments or bullying.

Often, individuals with a large forehead have tried to conceal their appearance. Constantly wearing hats, choosing hairstyles with long bangs, or employing contouring makeup techniques can temporarily disguise the hairline. For a more permanent solution to your forehead woes, consider forehead reduction surgery with Kalos Hair Restoration.

Who Can Benefit from Forehead Reduction?

Your forehead can appear larger due to a receding hairline. Certain hairstyles, such as a tight ponytail, stress the scalp tissue and reduce growth along the hairline. Some medications cause hair to thin and make the forehead look more prominent. In addition, aging and genetic factors naturally cause hair to recede over time. In other cases, some people naturally have a larger forehead although their hairline has not moved.

Both men and women may experience a receding hairline. In men, this condition is often accompanied by male pattern baldness. In this case, a different type of transplant surgery will produce a better outcome. Kalos Hair Restoration will extensively examine your condition to ensure you are matched with the best possible surgical procedure.

What Should I Expect During the Procedure?

Kalos Hair Restoration uses only the most cutting-edge technology in our hair transplants. Conventional hair transplant techniques involve a high element of human error, an increased chance of complications, and several lengthy procedures.

The NeoGraft team carefully removes hair follicles from a donor site and implants these individually along the hairline. NeoGraft reduces trauma to the skin and damage to transplanted follicles, with a treatment time of as little as 4 hours. Your scalp is anesthetized during the procedure, so you should experience minimal discomfort.

To find out more about lowering your hairline with NeoGraft technology, contact Kalos Hair Restoration in Atlanta today.

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