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Facial Anatomy and Your Hairline

Male Hair Line Atlanta GA

Hair loss is not confined to aging adults as one may think. It is common to see men past the age of 60, even 50, with some balding. In fact, by the age of 50, almost half the male population has noticeable hair loss, even if it is only slight. By the time most men reach the age of 60, they are either bald or have a pattern of balding. Even though balding is common at these ages, your chances of developing thinning hair are at 25% as early as the age of 30.

When you make the decision to replace that missing hair, you want to make sure you choose someone who understands facial aesthetics. Hair replacement is not a cookie-cutter procedure. Your hairline is as individual as you are. There may be some characteristics that fit a certain type, and there are also nuances to your unique facial anatomy which should be taken into consideration.

Acquiring the Natural Look

When making dentures, a good dentist will pay attention to those tiny details that make a world of difference. Perfectly white, straight teeth often scream fake while those with some well-thought-out, slight variations will look beautifully natural. It is the same with hair transplants. A symmetrical hairline can look more like a rice field than your natural hair. A more random pattern produces a natural look. A soft transition between the hair line and a denser region of the hair is important as well.

The structure of your face helps determine the optimal placing of the hairline when restoring a receding edge. Not only is the shape of your face one of the factors, your age plays a role in acquiring the most natural look for the optimal hair transplant.

Before and after pictures can be deceiving. It is important that you get to know the doctor who is going to do your hair restoration. Read the reviews and scrutinize the before and after photographs.

At Kalos Hair Restoration, you are assured of getting the natural look you desire. Our state-of-the-art facility, along with Dr. Stong’s expertise and commitment to quality, ensure the perfect look. Dr. Stong has a unique understanding of facial anatomy, a crucial factor in excellent hair restoration procedures.

Contact Kalos Hair Restoration to schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Stong. Restore your missing hair and change your life.

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