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Eat Your Way To Healthy Hair

Kalos Hair Restoration

A healthy diet usually means a healthy body: organs, blood, bones, skin, and even your hair! That last one might surprise you, after all, hair is essentially dead proteins. But in the follicle, your hair is alive and each one needs the right nutrition to be able to grow luscious, healthy strands.

Hair products like conditioners and moisturizers may be able to smooth and shine your locks, but an outside treatment won’t make them grow. Hair follicles need protein, iron, B, C, and E vitamins, among other things, to thrive. One of the best ways to nourish your hair, and your body, is to eat nutrient rich foods:

  • Choose protein sources like chicken, salmon, or lean red meats. Not only does red meat provide protein, but also iron.
  • B vitamins can be found in a variety of foods, mainly plant based, like nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, and cauliflower, but also in eggs, fish, and chicken.
  • Whole citrus fruits are great for Vitamin C. Guava, however, contains even more vitamin C than oranges.
  • Vitamin E, is also mostly found in plant foods- avocados, almonds, broccoli, parsley, and papaya are just a few foods that are packed full.

Not only will your hair benefit from a healthy, balanced diet…but the rest of you will as well!

When Eating Better Doesn’t Help

You might find that no matter how healthy you eat, you experience thinning and lost hairs. If male or female pattern hair loss strikes, it can’t be reversed by diet alone. Kalos Hair Transplant can help you stop the receding hairline or the widening part. Ask Dr. Stong about FUT, FUE, and NeoGraft for restoration. You’ll be able to get your thick, natural locks back and with good nutrition, you’ll be able to keep them strong and healthy!

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