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Does Your Forehead Seem Too Large?

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Facial aesthetics are all about balance and harmony. An attractive face is a balanced face – when any facial features seem too small or too large, it throws off the facial balance. Many people are born with high hairlines or have hair recede over time. This can make the forehead appear larger and longer, creating facial imbalance. Forehead reduction with hair transplant surgery can create facial harmony and a more attractive facial appearance.

The face is divided into thirds when considering facial balance. The eyes and forehead are the top third and if the hairline is too high, this portion of the face is longer than the mid and bottom thirds of the face. This genetic issue is more common in women – men are more likely to experience hairline recession with age. Forehead reduction procedures can add one to two inches to the hairline, bringing it forward and down to reduce the length of the brow.

NeoGraft Hairline Lowering

NeoGraft is a less invasive hair transplant method that can precisely place hair grafts along the front hairline for a natural appearance. The robotic surgical tools are guided by our expert NeoGraft surgical team at Kalos Hair Restoration, harvesting hair grafts from the back and sides of the scalp to transplant along the front hairline. This touchless technique creates beautiful new hair follicles without visible scarring, which is important when transplanting to the front hairline.

Since each hair graft is individually placed, a natural appearance can be achieved with the NeoGraft FUE method. Over the following months, the transplanted hair follicles will grow new hair that can be cut and styled as you choose. The added inches to the lowered hairline can improve the balance of the face, successfully reducing the size and length of the forehead.

Forehead reduction with hair transplantation can make a significant difference in the balance and harmony of the facial features. If you have a high hairline that creates the appearance of a longer or larger forehead, lowering the hairline may be the solution. To learn more about forehead reduction procedures, contact our team at Kalos Hair Restoration in Atlanta, GA to schedule a consultation.

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