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Debunking 3 Hair Growing Myths

Kalos Hair Restoration

One of the first things we do when we begin to confront hair thinning or loss is take to the Internet to look for quick fixes — vitamins, concoctions, abandoning baseball hats, and hair ties and blow dryers all in the name of trying to get our hair to grow longer and thicker.

The truth is, many of these at-home hair remedies don’t offer much in the way of a permanent solution for hair loss, and some may even be harmful.

Hair regrowth supplements. Supplements like biotin have long been a go-to for men and women looking for fuller, healthier locks. And while some people have seen positive results after continued use, there’s very little in the way of scientific evidence that proves biotin can help you regrow thicker hair. Some people also experience unpleasant side effects like breakouts thanks to vitamin imbalances in the body caused by excess biotin consumption. Biotin is safe because your body excretes any excess it doesn’t use, but if you’re looking for natural remedies to help support strong, healthy hair, your better bet is to load up your diet with nutrients that fortify strands.

More frequent trims and brushing. You may have heard that getting more frequent trims at the salon is a good way to get your hair to grow longer and stronger, but according to experts, trimming doesn’t affect hair growth. Hair growth takes place beneath the scalp. Trimming does help your hair to appear healthier, because split ends give the appearance of more brittle strands, but it doesn’t actually replace or repair loss or thinning. Brushing your hair more often also doesn’t offer any major re-growth benefits. And too much brushing can damage the hair’s cuticle.

Less frequent hair washing. You may have heard that frequently washing your hair contributes to quicker loss, but that simply isn’t true. Hair grows and falls out in cycles, and that cycle isn’t typically affected by your shampoo. In fact, for some people, less washing can actually encourage fall-out by causing a buildup of oil and inflammation in the scalp.

If you’re facing hair loss or thinning, consider calling the experts at Kalos Hair Transplant. Board-certified Dr. Stong and his team provide only the safest, newest, and most effective hair restoration treatments available, with the goal of helping you feel like your most confident self.

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