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Can You Shave After a Beard Transplant?

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Suppose you have been keeping up with Major League Baseball’s newfound love of full beards or have participated in “no shave Novembers” to bring attention to prostate cancer and other male health issues. In that case, you recognize that beards are making a comeback and sending a message.

In contrast to the generation before them, today’s young men are more likely to sport full beards proudly. Beards can mean different things to different people. For some, they are a sign of rugged masculinity and physical attractiveness, while for others, they are a sign of liberation from the daily ritual of shaving.

What if You Cannot Get Your Beard to Grow?

Suppose you cannot seem to get a beard to grow? Perhaps you were born without the genetic predisposition for facial hair, or maybe an accident rendered it impossible for you to grow facial hair. Is there a way for you to have a beard?

The answer is yes, and the solution is a beard transplant. Beard transplants are part of a dynamic and quickly developing subspecialty of cosmetic surgery, mainly because the transplanted hair feels and looks natural (it is your hair, after all).

What if You Want to Shave After a Beard Transplant?

Now, you might wonder if you can shave after a beard transplant. After all, just because you want the ability to grow a full beard does not mean you want to have one all the time. However, please do not shave or cut your beard for at least a few weeks.

The time you need to postpone shaving depends on how quickly you get better. It usually does not take more than three days for scabbing, scars or redness to fade away. Talk to Dr. Benjamin Stong if you are worried about how well your scalp is recovering following a hair transplant. Still, you should refrain from shaving even after it appears your scalp is fully healed.

The grafts need anywhere from five to ten days to integrate with the scalp and seal fully. The grafts should fall out after two weeks. This is an inevitable step in the procedure. Therefore, you should not shave or cut your hair for at least a month following your hair transplant surgery and wait until all your grafts have fallen out.

It is usually wise to postpone shaving for as long as feasible. As a result, your grafts will have a higher chance of establishing themselves and thriving, which could improve your outcomes.

Are You Interested in Getting a Beard Transplant?

Is it challenging to develop a full beard because of genetics, scarring or an injury? A beard transplant is viable for achieving your facial hair goals if you have enough hair on your head. Kalos Hair Transplant can assist you.

Hair transplantation can be used to regrow facial hair in regions where it has been lost or is scant, such as sideburns, the goatee, cheek beard or mustache. Dr. Stong has spent years restoring people’s hair and, with it, their self-esteem. Call our Atlanta office now to schedule your beard transplant consultation and see if you are a candidate for the procedure.

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