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When Bald Isn’t Beautiful

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When you hear “Bald is Beautiful,” what do you think of? The little girl with a sparkling smile on the St. Jude poster, right? A mother who is battling cancer and the treatments in order to keep raising her children? An A-lister who has shaved her (or his) head as a show of support for a cause? These are instances when bald IS beautiful. It’s a sign of the struggle, the fight to survive, moral support and encouragement from friends, family and even strangers.

A forty-something balding man is not the first image to come to mind. In fact if you think “balding man,” you probably also picture, “comb over,” “swirl,” or “toupee.” Some men can come to accept their balding heads, shaving off the longer hair to avoid looking ridiculous. Many men, however, feel a loss of masculinity, a loss of youth, and vitality. It can be psychologically crippling to look in the mirror and see the face and hair of your father (or grandfather) staring back.

Losing Hair, Losing Morale

It’s true that re-growing hair can bring back a younger looking you. But hair restoration for men is not about recovering lost youthfulness, but is instead about helping to feel at home in their own skin. Confidence and self-assurance are tied up together in a man’s hair. When it begins to fall, it can take your determination with it, acting as a catalyst for less healthy changes in your life and work habits.

If you find yourself in this situation, with thinning hair and an old guy staring back at you from the mirror, call Kalos Hair Restoration in Atlanta. Our arsenal of hair treatments contains the most current, state-of-the-art techniques. Take charge of your receding hair, regain your confidence. What have you got to lose except more hair?

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