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Are Your Hair Brushing Habits Hurting Your Hair?

woman combing her hair

Do you long for that beautiful, shiny, smooth hair that the Hollywood stars have? Your brushing habits may have a lot to do with why you’re far from achieving that goal. Here are some common habits that people have when it comes to brushing their hair, which are actually doing more harm than good.

Using the Wrong Hairbrush
First things first, when you brush, you should make sure you’re using the right tool for your type of hair. Some brushes are cheaply made, are too rough on hair, and can damage the cuticle. When you use the wrong kind of brush, it can make the de-tangling process harder and cause more hair damage.

To choose the right brush make sure that it has smooth edges and bristles that are spaced out. Paddle brushes work great on people with straight hair, while wide-toothed saw-cut combs tend to be best for curly hair.

Your Brushing Frequency
Brushing too much causes friction, damaging strands of hair over time and making them weaker. People with straight hair can brush twice a day while those that have curly hair may only need to brush before washing.

Using A Dirty Brush
One of the main purposes of a hairbrush is to remove debris from your hair. When your brush is full of dirt and you don’t clean it out, it goes right back into your hair and make it dirtier faster.

Wet vs. Dry
While it makes sense that you would want to brush your wet hair right out of the shower, doing so can cause excess breakage. It’s best to air dry or use a hairdryer before brushing your hair.

Hair Care Experts in Atlanta

For other healthy hair care tips, visit Dr. Stong in Atlanta. We’ll gladly help you in any way we can.

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