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Are You Struggling to Grow a Dense Beard? A NeoGraft Beard Hair Transplant Can Help

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Are you one of the men who long for a full beard but can only grow fuzz or a patchy, inconsistent mess? The bad news is, your genetic makeup and other factors out of your control dictate the type of beard you grow. The good news is, a beard hair transplant from Kalos Hair Restoration can give you that beard of your dreams.

Transplanting Individual Hair Follicles with NeoGraft

The hair transplant method Dr. Stong and his team employ will enable you to grow a fuller beard naturally, even if you have never managed to grow a dense beard in your entire life.

The technique, known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), is part of the advanced NeoGraft® system used to transfer hair from another body part to the facial area. The FUE treatment allows you to grow healthy hair follicles.

Using FUE, the NeoGraft team transplants individual hair follicles from the back of your scalp where the hair is thickest into the bald patches of your beard and mustache where density is needed. The donor hair follicles are taken at random and the hair on the back of your head will grow back, concealing any extracted follicles.

A Safe and Effective Beard Hair Transplant Procedure

NeoGraft is a safe and effective FDA-approved system for harvesting and transplanting individual hair follicles. The results are permanent and fast, with your new beard growing almost immediately.

Within two weeks after the beard transplant, you can shave as you normally would. However, it may take up to four months to see the total results of the procedure.

Furthermore, the recovery time is minimal and the NeoGraft system does not leave scars behind because there’s no need for stitches. You will have a fuller beard with less discomfort than any other method. It’s the ideal solution for busy individuals.

Don’t Feel Self-Conscious About Your Inability to Grow a Dense Beard

Stop letting your inability to grow a beard leave you feeling self-conscious. Instead, contact Kalos Hair Restoration to learn more about getting a beard transplant with the NeoGraft system. You can trust our talented team to give you the best shape for your beard; they have an eye for it!

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