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Are You Shampooing Your Hair Enough or Too Much?

Hair in a Ponytail

If your hair never quite turns out right after a shower, your shampooing regimen could be the problem. There are several factors that can impact your results, so no single brand or type of shampoo will suit every need. Identifying the right product for you is a process, but there are clues that can help get you there faster.

Hair Type

People with thin, straight hair may shampoo often due to a rapid accumulation of dirt or grease. Those who have thick, wild locks tend to have the opposite problem, where the hair becomes dry very quickly. It is for this very reason that shampoo and other hair care manufacturers develop solutions for different hair types.

Sweat Levels

If you sweat a lot due to work or personal pursuits, it is important to wash your hair more frequently. The pores become blocked after strenuous activities that cause increased sweating. A wet scalp and hair also allow dirt and grease to build up much easier. It is therefore important to shampoo after such activities to keep your hair clean and healthy.

Oil Production

Not everybody produces the same levels of oil (sebum), as factors such as genetics, hormones, age and environmental conditions differ from person to person. The shampoo routine that worked for you in your 20s or 30s won’t work as you get older. Younger people are more likely to use products that treat oily hair, for instance.

Dirt Exposure

The level of dirt or other pollutants to which you are exposed may dictate how often you should shampoo. If you work in an environment that is dusty, high in pollen or involves the use of greasy products, it is inevitable that a large number of those particles will end up in your hair.

Hair Restoration

When your shampooing regimen is not resulting in strong and healthy hair, it may indicate a problem. Extreme hair loss could point toward a health or genetic condition that will result in thinning or baldness.

For peace of mind, contact Kalos Hair Restoration in Atlanta, GA for a consultation. We offer solutions for combating a range of hair loss conditions.

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