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5 Secrets to Growing a Perfect Beard

Red-haired bearded man combing his thick beard.

It is not so challenging to grow a fuller and thicker beard. A few simple changes in your regimen will do wonders for transforming your facial hair into something of which you can be proud.
Men frequently experience beard thickness issues due to heredity. Though it may seem like a roadblock, you should not give up. Even if your genes are not interested in developing a bushy beard, you can overcome those limitations with some inventiveness. Here are five suggestions to help your beard grow thick and full.

Trim Your Beard Regularly

Split ends are not exclusive to your head hair; they can also form in your beard. As a result, your beard hair gradually weakens, becomes brittle and eventually cracks along the middle. The root of the hair strand may become permanently damaged if it develops cracks or fractures. Even if they have not yet reached this stage, weaker hair strands look less full and more brittle. Regular beard trimming will encourage healthy hair strand growth and help your beard fill out.

Maintain Healthy Skin Under Your Beard

Maintaining healthy facial skin is essential before focusing on your hair. First, wash your beard thoroughly and hydrate the skin underneath your facial hair. Avoid using soap that contains many chemicals and fragrances because it will dry up the skin behind your facial hair.

Hair follicles, the glands responsible for producing facial hair, thrive when they receive the proper nourishment and moisture. Your skin directly impacts the durability of your hair follicles and the strands they make. Skin that is excessively dry or unhealthy will have difficulties delivering blood and nutrients to beard hair, resulting in thinner and weaker strands that break easily or do not withstand pressure.

Lower Your Stress Levels

While chronic stress is present, the stress hormone cortisol blocks testosterone synthesis, which harms beard growth. Therefore, you should stay away from stressful activities and environments.
Reducing stress can not only help you maintain a healthy body and mind, but it can also help you grow a fuller beard. While meditation has gained popularity in recent years to relieve stress, you may find that simply taking a day off to go for a stroll or relax on the couch is just as effective.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential for a thriving beard. Fruits, vegetables, proteins and supplements help a beard grow healthy and quickly. The best fruits and veggies for beard growth include oranges, raisins, Brazil nuts, potatoes, spinach and kale; for proteins, beef, chicken, eggs and fish are the finest.

Meanwhile, the most crucial vitamin for beard growth is biotin, often known as vitamin B7, which encourages the production of keratin, or hair protein. In addition, Vitamins E, C, B5, niacin and inositol promote hair development.

NeoGraft May be the Answer

If these suggestions do not work, NeoGraft may be your solution. NeoGraft is today’s most outstanding hair transplant technology, and it is available at Kalos Hair Restoration in Atlanta.

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Overall, your genetic luck does not have to determine whether or not you can grow a fuller and thicker beard. With NeoGraft, you can take control of the situation. To learn more about NeoGraft and how it can help you grow a perfect beard, contact Kalos Hair Restoration today.

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