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5 Myths About Hair Restoration Some People Still Believe

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Hair restoration treatments are an incredible way to lift your self-esteem and strip years from your appearance. Surprisingly, hair restoration techniques have been around since the 1930s, when Dr. Okuda first used hair plugs to treat burn victims in Japan. Hair restoration treatments have come a long way since then, but there are still many myths regarding hair transplant treatments, preventing many from trying this life-changing procedure. There are plenty of inaccuracies flying around the internet and other places about hair restoration. So, let’s get started debunking the most common ones.

  1. Hair restoration is only for men. Ok, this one needs to be debunked thoroughly. While it’s true that hair restoration treatments for men have been widely advertised for decades, with an emphasis on male-pattern balding, women can successfully receive hair transplant treatments also.
  2. Hair restoration treatments are prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, many people believe hair restoration services are too expensive to consider. While it is true that some people who require extensive hair restoration services can spend upwards of $5000, it certainly isn’t the case for everyone. Each case is patient-specific, and treatment needs vary. In addition, you can also find financing and payment plans with accommodating providers.
  3. Hair restoration is PAINFUL. The reality is that hair restoration services can cause some pain, but proper medication should keep the process nearly painless. It’s important to discuss pain medication before you begin your procedure. One characteristic of an excellent hair restoration service is the compassion and understanding to address all your concerns, including pain.
  4. Hair restoration treatments harm your brain. Possibly one of the most frightening myths about hair restoration treatments is the idea that these treatments can harm your brain. There is zero truth to this idea. Hair restoration surgery and treatments are done on the skin. In no way is there any contact with the brain.
  5. You cannot wash your hair after restoration procedures. This myth is another one that keeps unsuspecting people from enjoying the benefits of a restored head of hair. First, your doctor will show you how to care for your scalp and hair. Then, you only have to wait one day. After that, you can absolutely wash your hair after restoration.

We’ve looked at five myths about hair restoration techniques. Next time, we will consider five more myths that may be preventing you from considering hair transplant services.

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