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5 More Hair Restoration Myths We Need to Talk About

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Last time we discussed several long-running myths about hair restoration services. We debunked five myths, including whether only men can have hair transplants, the cost, whether it is painful, harms your brain or even if you can wash your hair after hair restoration procedures. It wasn’t hard to find five more myths people have about hair transplants, though, so let’s look at those now.

  1. Hair transplants leave horrible, visible scars. Whenever the skin is broken, it will leave at least a temporary scar. So, while you will have some scarring on your scalp, a skilled doctor or team will do everything possible to keep it minimal. However, you may have small linear or circular scars depending on your hair restoration procedure. Thankfully, the scarring is so small it is not obviously noticeable, and as your hair grows, the scars will be completely covered.
  2. Older people can’t have hair transplants. This myth has no evidence to give it credibility. Age is not a factor in receiving hair restoration services, although many doctors will wait for a younger person experiencing hair loss to age enough to show a pattern to their hair loss.
  3. Your transplanted hair is from other people or other parts of your body. The only hair that is used is from your own head. Your body would reject other people’s hair as a foreign transplant. Hair from other areas of your body has a different texture and growth rates than the hair on your head.
  4. You will have immediate results. Unfortunately, you won’t walk out with a full head of hair. That isn’t how hair transplants and other hair restoration techniques work. You can expect your transplanted hair to grow at a normal rate, with full results in about five months.
  5. Hair transplants always look obvious. This myth is false thanks to the incredible state-of-the-art advancements made in hair restoration techniques over time. Always ask to see before and after pictures and testimonials from previous clients to ensure you choose a professional who knows how to provide excellent results.

We’ve looked a little closer at ten different myths regarding hair restoration services in this and the previous blog. Hopefully, we’ve cleared up some misconceptions that have kept people confused about hair transplant and restoration services.

Kalos Hair Restoration in Atlanta provides the highest-quality hair restoration techniques available. Contact us today to find out more about whether hair restoration services are for you.

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