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Causes of Hair Loss In Men

Man with Balding Pattern Atlanta, GA

Losing many strands of hair a day is part of a cycle that all men will go through. However, for some, the lost hairs are quickly replaced by new ones.  While in others, the slick new look is permanent. Male Pattern Baldness The genes that you were given by your parents are something that you…

Get the Gift of Confidence This Holiday Season

Kalos Hair Restoration

There are few things more closely associated with physical attractiveness and confidence than a healthy head of hair. For women, beautiful hair is a symbol of health, youth, and in some cultures, even fertility. For men, healthy hair can symbolize virility and strength. The importance of beautiful hair also has some historical roots. In Greek…

Understanding Hair Loss

before after photo of a mans hair after undergoing a procedure

It can be hard coming to terms with losing your hair, but learning more about the possible causes of hair loss can make it easier to understand – and treat. Despite what you may have heard, wearing a hat all the time, dandruff and poor circulation don’t cause men to lose their hair. Hair loss…

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