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Hair Growth Treatments: PRP vs. Stem Cell Therapy

Restoring your hair doesn’t have to mean undergoing surgery and having hair follicles transplanted. PRP and stem cell therapy are two non-surgical solutions that may be all you need to enjoy the head full of hair that you once had. What is PRP? PRP, or plasma rich platelets uses a sample of your blood to…

When Your Forehead Gets Too Big

man combing his hair

Have you ever felt like your forehead has gotten wider and wider? As you age and your hair thins, that ever widening space between your eyebrows and your hairline can make you look and feel older. Are you ready to turn back time and get a more youthful look?  Something called “forehead reduction” surgery can…

So, You’ve Had Surgery, Now What?

man combing his hair

Hair restoration surgery is different than any other surgery. It’s minimally invasive, but has the possibility of changing your entire life. While recovery from the procedure is relatively quick, the final results can take up to a year to see. This is what a timeline of your recovery might look like: Week 1-2: Redness from…

Why Should I Choose NeoGraft?

neograft machine

If your hair is thinning, receding, or plain out balding — and you live in Atlanta or the surrounding areas — there is only one way you should even consider having a hair transplant done: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) using NeoGraft. This newest method of hair restoration produces remarkably natural, lasting results in only one…

A More Confident You in 2017

neograft machine

You’ve thought about it. Researched it. Asked friends and families their opinions on it. Are you ready to finally stop letting your hair loss hold you back, and get back to your best, most confident self in 2017? Hair thinning and loss is one of the biggest blows to the confidence levels of both men…

Upward Trends in Hair Restoration Surgery

man combing his hair

Every few years, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery conducts a survey. They look at trends in hair restoration procedures around the world and present their findings in an attempt to raise awareness for hair loss and hair loss treatments. Often, this type of data is used to help secure funding for new technologies,…

Get the Gift of Confidence This Holiday Season

Kalos Hair Restoration

There are few things more closely associated with physical attractiveness and confidence than a healthy head of hair. For women, beautiful hair is a symbol of health, youth, and in some cultures, even fertility. For men, healthy hair can symbolize virility and strength. The importance of beautiful hair also has some historical roots. In Greek…

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