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Sandy Springs Hair Transplant

There is nothing funny about hair loss. Many men and women struggle with losing their hair, which changes their appearance and can affect their self-confidence. At Kalos Hair Transplant, we understand that a little hair loss can make a big difference in your quality of life. We offer the most innovative approaches to hair restoration for our patients from Sandy Springs and the surrounding communities. This includes advanced techniques in hair transplant procedures.

Forget what you may think you know about hair transplants. If you picture stitches and scars that can be embarrassing, or limited options in hairstyles, you may not know about the NeoGraft hair replacement system. While the “strip method” of hair transplant is still used, there are other options available. Our clinic offers both the traditional hair transplant and the NeoGraft system, with excellent results for our patients.

While the method you choose can impact the results of your hair transplant, so can the team that performs the procedure. We are proud to have one of the top plastic surgeons in the country overseeing a talented team of hair transplant professionals for our patients. Dr. Benjamin C. Stong has decades of training, education and experience as a plastic surgeon. His credentials include a double board certification and fellowship training, plus many years of experience achieving excellent results for his patients. This expertise is vital to the success we have when planning a hair transplant procedure. Dr. Stong’s ability to use his artistic talent combined with his hair transplant team’s experience can impact the aesthetic results, creating a hair line and growth that matches the patient’s existing hair and facial features.

Advanced Hair Transplant Technology

The combination of advanced technology and the Kalos Hair Transplant team’s expertise is what makes our clinic special. Our patients get the benefit of NeoGraft, one of the most innovative approaches to hair transplantation, guided by the experienced hands of our hair transplant team. NeoGraft uses follicular unit extraction (FUE), which individually harvests hair follicles for transplantation. No incisions are used, and there aren’t any stitches. This advanced technology uses air pressure and suction instead of surgical cutting. This leaves no linear scars, which are common with the traditional strip method. This also means a quicker recovery for the patient with limited downtime.

For many patients, NeoGraft offers the best option in hair transplant. It is considered the preferred method available, yet Dr. Stong is the only plastic surgeon in Atlanta to oversee the NeoGraft team. NeoGraft can have spectacular results. It offers more hairstyle options than the limited strip method. Patients can even wear their hair very short, which is something that is not recommended with the strip method. With less recovery time needed, no scars and improved results, NeoGraft offers the most advantages in hair transplant procedures. This is especially true when it is performed under the guiding hands of a highly experienced team.

At Kalos Hair Transplant, we offer options for anyone who has suffered from hair loss. There are various reasons for hair loss, from hormonal changes and genetics to health conditions and other causes. Men and women of all ages can suffer from hair loss, whether it is male pattern baldness or just a thinning of the hair. We treat each person individually, considering all the factors and recommending the best option for their needs. In addition to hair transplants, we also have non-surgical options that can help our patients regain their natural hair.

Beard Transplant Using NeoGraft

Beards and mustaches can allow you to express your masculine style. If you struggle to grow a thick beard due to facial scars, skin conditions or genetic issues, a beard transplant is an option to consider. Kalos Hair Restoration near Sandy Springs offers facial hair transplants with our NeoGraft system. The advanced FUE method is non-invasive, without incisions or visible scarring. You can achieve a thicker, fuller beard and mustache in as little as one session for a natural, attractive appearance.

Eyebrow Transplant Specialist

The eyebrows are expressive and bring attention to the eyes. If you have thin or missing portions of your eyebrows, hair transplantation can be an option to create the look you desire. The Kalos Hair Transplant team uses their artistic talents to create perfectly shaped eyebrows with hair follicles retrieved from the scalp. The FUE method is stitch and incision-free, without any visible scars left behind. In one procedure, you can permanently enhance the appearance of your eyebrows.

If you live in Sandy Springs and want to learn more about the options available at Kalos Hair Transplant, contact our office in Atlanta. We will schedule you for a consultation to find out which of our hair restoration services is right for you, including our hair transplant procedures.

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