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Red Flags For Hair Transplants

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Have you been investigating hair transplants?  There’s a lot of information out there, both new, old, and irrelevant!  When you make an appointment with the doctor, how can you tell if the procedure is going to go well?

Question Everything!

At your first consultation you should have a list of questions for the doctor. Start with this one: What transplant procedures does he do? The best option today is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with NEOGraft, a robotic component that allows an extreme amount of precision in the extraction and placement of follicles.  If your doctor is still using plugs, flaps, or strips, you probably want to pass and find another provider.

Does he perform FUE with NEOGraft? How many hairlines has he worked on? Does he have before and after pictures to show? You want to make sure your hair is handled carefully, with a deft hand and artistic eye.  While it’s true that practice makes perfect, you don’t want to be the one a surgeon is practicing his technique on! Choose a doctor who has a record of experience  and the pictures to show how well he performs.

Who is actually performing the harvesting and transplant? In some cases, the doctor is neither experienced or concerned about your hair transplant: the procedure is left to a hair technician to perform. This is not only a dangerous practice, but can lead to overharvesting and scarring.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Ben Stong and find out why a double-board certified plastic surgeon can make the difference for you! Never passed to a technician, always performed with the latest tools and techniques.  Kalos Hair Restoration is a cut above the rest!

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