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NeoGraft Hair Transplant vs. Artas Follicular Unit Extraction

The Follicular Unit Extraction technique is preferred among many patients who want the most undetectable hair transplant possible. This simple punch method uses a core drill that removes approximately 1 mm of tissue around each hair follicle. This allows the hair transplant doctor or his highly trained team to remove individual hair grafts from the donor site of the scalp and implant them into balding areas. Without an unsightly linear scar, men and women can enjoy the hairstyle of their choice, including short hair or even a buzz cut.

Follicular Unit Extraction was once was a long, tedious, and manual process. However, it has now been revolutionized by automated FUE technology. Past manual methods required multiple sessions to restore balding, which made it more costly and inconvenient. Today, automated devices such as NeoGraft and Artas are available. While both of these systems are designed to expedite and streamline the FUE process, they have some distinct differences in the way they accomplish this.

The NeoGraft is an automated, hand-held device that is guided by a skilled transplant surgeon. The Artas, however, uses a more independent robotic system to remove the hair follicles. By choosing the highly trained team at Kalos Hair Transplant to perform your NeoGraft Hair Transplant, you gain the artistry, experience, and judgment that a robotic system cannot deliver. Since hair follicles tend to grow in various directions, only a trained team can account for this unpredictable growth pattern and address it properly. Dr. Stong is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who is known for natural cosmetic results and Dr. Stong’s experienced hair transplant team understands the careful blend of scientific insight and cosmetic artistry required to create the most natural hair transplant results.

When it comes to your FUE hair procedure, you can trust Kalos Hair Transplant to use the most innovative, effective, and safe techniques available. For further explanation on why we believe NeoGraft is superior to Artas, contact our clinic today. We want our patients to be well informed of their treatment options and fully confident in Dr. Stong’s recommended solution.

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