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FUE Hair Transplant – NeoGraft

If you are looking for most advanced hair transplant system available, choose Kalos Hair Transplant. Dr. Benjamin Stong is the only Board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Atlanta that offers the NeoGraft system, a revolutionary and FDA-approved technology that harvests and implants your own hair follicles for optimal restoration. We serve both men and women with various degrees of hair loss in our state-of-the-art facility. You will find that the NeoGraft hair transplant system can help you achieve your ideal results in the most comfortable, effective and convenient way. You will also find the results using the NeoGraft system will exceed the results of other hair transplant systems.

NeoGraft is an automated machine for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant surgery. It relies on the precision and skill of a well trained and experienced team to extract follicular units from the donor area one by one using a pneumatic, atraumatic, no touch technique. Healthy grafts are then implanted in the recipient area of the scalp. You can trust that Dr. Stong and his highly trained team carry the skill, expertise and talented artistry it takes to perform your NeoGraft procedure flawlessly and with the natural results you deserve. The combination of this incredible technology and the excellence of the Kalos Hair Transplant team will ensure a cosmetic result you cannot find anywhere else.

three photos showing the neograft process of adding hair

The Neograft Hair Transplant System

Dr. Stong and his team use the advanced technology of the NeoGraft FUE hair transplant system. Patients gain significant benefits from choosing NeoGraft over traditional “strip method” techniques. NeoGraft offers both men and women the following benefits:

  • More Efficient – NeoGraft uses air-filled pneumatic controls to precisely extract complete individual hair follicles at a faster rate than manual FUE methods used in the past. NeoGraft can easily extract and implant up to 3000 follicular units in a single session.
  • Discreet, Superior Results – Patients enjoy no incisions, no stitches and no linear scarring. This is a notable advantage for patients who wish to wear their hair short. The results look incredibly natural and cannot be detected by others.
  • Fast Recovery – Patients can expect minimal downtime after NeoGraft surgery and can typically return to work or normal activity the next day. With virtually no downtime for recovery, you can return to your daily activities right away.
  • Advanced Technology – The Automated “No Touch” Implantation Technology allows for the least invasive and most precise procedure for hair transplantation available. When an expert surgeon administers this advanced technology, the final results are incredible.

We know you can choose to have your hair transplant done at other clinics but when you choose Kalos Hair Transplant, you are choosing the premier transplant procedure offered by a skilled cosmetic surgeon with a unique understanding of facial anatomy. Dr. Stong is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who has invested his time, talent and resources into mastering the NeoGraft system so he can ensure our patients receive the best possible results. We use the highest quality regenerative treatments including PRP, bone marrow stem cells and micro-droplet fat stem cells to create the healthiest, most adaptive environment for our hair transplants, ensuring each patient sees optimal results from their procedure.

At Kalos Hair Transplant, we make your hair transplant surgery as affordable as possible. The cost of your Neograft procedure is based strictly on the number of grafts needed to achieve your ideal results. We also offer financing plans to fit your budget needs. Our affordable payment plans mean you can schedule your life-changing hair transplant procedure today.

The Neo-Graft hair transplant system is specifically designed to benefit from the artistry and expertise of a trained plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Stong. While other systems are more cumbersome and damaging to grafts, with the Neo-Graft system, the harvesting of your hair follicles is done with precision and expertise, as well as expert attention to any unpredictable growth patterns in your hair. Dr. Stong and his team carefully study each patient’s unique facial features and bone structure so they can create the perfect hairline. The Kalos Hair Transplant team’s expertise makes Kalos a renowned hair transplant clinic that achieves excellent results. You can only receive this kind of individual artistry and attention under the supervision of a skilled facial plastic surgeon and the Neo-Graft system. It is one of the reasons why we choose Neo-Graft for our hair transplant services.

Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Atlanta’s leading NeoGraft provider. Dr. Stong can determine whether or not you are a candidate for this gold standard hair transplant procedure. Depending on your needs, we also provide other hair restoration services including the Follicular Unit Transfer technique, as well as non-surgical hair loss treatment. You can be assured your professional consultation will allow Dr. Stong to choose the best hair loss treatment for your individual needs.


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Disclaimer: Your results/photos are revealed in office at time of consultation with Dr. Stong

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