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Everyone deserves to feel confident in their appearance. Hair loss can affect how a person feels about themselves, making them less confident in social and professional interactions. Both men and women can be a victim of hair loss for a variety of reasons, changing their appearance and affecting their quality of life. At Kalos Hair Transplant, we offer advanced hair transplant methods and technology to help our patients from Decatur and throughout the Atlanta area achieve the hair they desire.

Genetics are one of the main causes of hair loss. Male pattern baldness is one of the most common reasons for premature hair loss and is hereditary. Women can also experience hair loss due to genetics or hormonal changes. Whatever the reason, there is no reason to live with thinning or receding hair. Our team at Kalos Hair Transplant offers many options for improving the thickness of hair or replacing lost follicles, including our advanced NeoGraft system for hair transplant.

NeoGraft is one of the most advanced options in hair restoration. Unlike the older “strip method” surgery for hair transplants that leaves unsightly scars and limits hairstyle options, NeoGraft uses Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), individually harvesting hair follicles from a donor site to implant in the desired location. There are no incisions made with a scalpel or stitches that are noticeable after the procedure. This results in a quicker recovery for the patient and less downtime; plus, the results are natural-looking and can create permanent new hair growth that can be styled in different ways.

Advanced Hair Restoration Expertise

The NeoGraft system offers many benefits for our patients. The quick, effective “no-touch” method allows for up to 3,000 follicles to be transplanted in one session. Patients experience a less invasive procedure than the strip method without the embarrassment of scars or stitches after the surgery. Due to the individualized placement of the follicles, there are unlimited options in hairstyles. Plus, our patients can wear their hair short after their procedure if they prefer, without worrying about hiding the evidence of their surgery.

What makes the hair restoration at Kalos unique is not just the NeoGraft system, but the expertise behind this advanced technology. Dr. Benjamin C. Stong is a highly experienced plastic surgeon with a double board certification in his field. His many years of experience and training as a plastic surgeon offers a unique advantage to our hair restoration procedures. He carefully plans and executes each hair transplant surgery with the artistic eye that has made him one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. This attention to detail can improve the results for our patients, creating a more natural, beautiful hairline that balances their facial features.

The NeoGraft system is automated but guided by the expert hands of Dr. Stong. This gives him control of placement to create exceptional results. Dr. Stong considers factors like directional follicle growth to create the new look for our patients. It is this attention to detail that has improved the appearance of our hair restorations over other clinics that offer a similar method. No other plastic surgeon in Atlanta offers NeoGraft and few plastic surgeons in the country have the level of education, experience and credentials that Dr. Stong has acquired.

If you are a Decatur resident that is seeking to replace lost hair, come see us at Kalos Hair Transplant. During your personalized consultation with Dr. Ben Stong, you can learn about all the options available to give you thick, beautiful hair, including our hair transplant procedure. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment and begin your journey toward a more youthful and attractive head of hair.


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Barbara F.
Exceeded my expectations. Was very informed about the procedure and knew what to expect after it was over. The results have been outstanding!
Emily M.
I took my boyfriend here because 1) Neograft is the best hair restoration technique out there and 2) I've experienced other Kalos services and it's always superior service. This was no exception. Dr. Stong & Co. did an excellent job as always. My boyfriend's hairline looks 10 years younger.
Emily W.
wonderful experience....great results. Thank you !
Debbie W.
I was really nervous even considering cosmetic surgery. But it had been becoming increasingly obvious that my youthful glow had dimmed. All the typical bad decisions we make in our youth, sunbathing without sunscreen and years of smoking had taken its toll. I was lucky to find Dr. Stong. He was referred to me by my Dermatopathologist Dr. Dirk Robertson. Dr Stong is a no nonsense type physician who gave me so much of his time from my first visit to my last. On March 16th I had a facelift and upper blepharoplasty. I love it! I’m still healing but the changes so far have been amazing. Dr. Stong was very clear and honest on what to expect in every phase of my surgery. Love his staff, they were super friendly, reassuring when I was nervous, and supportive throughout. Will return only to him for future procedures and will continue to recommend him to my friends and family.
Amanda J.
amazing staff, excited for my results!
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