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Can PRP Really Help Restore Hair?

Woman suffering from hair loss watching her scalp in a mirror.

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, has been used for medical treatments for decades. It is a concentrated substance derived from a patient’s own blood containing platelets and growth factors that can aid in tissue repair. PRP has been used in everything from wound healing and arthritis treatment to “vampire” facelifts and wrinkle reduction. At Kalos Hair Restoration, we utilize the power of PRP for regenerating hair for our patients.

How Is PRP Made?

To create PRP, we draw blood from the patient and filter the blood through a centrifuge. This spins the blood and releases the platelets to form the highly concentrated plasma. This substance can be injected into the scalp to stimulate tissue repair in the hair follicles. For many patients with hair loss, this can rejuvenate hair growth, even without undergoing a hair transplant.

Who Is a Good Candidate for PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

Not everyone is a good candidate for PRP injections for hair loss. For those who have significant balding or thinning, more aggressive treatments such as NeoGraft hair transplantation may be indicated. For those patients, PRP injections can be useful combined with their hair transplant to aid in stimulating growth from the newly transplanted follicles.

The best candidates for PRP injections for hair loss are those who are either genetically predisposed for hair loss or in the beginning stages of hair loss. PRP injections can help slow down the hair loss process as a preventive treatment, or help restore hair growth in patients with thinning hair. The treatments are typically given every 3-4 months until the desired results are achieved, or until it is no longer effective at preventing hair loss.

PRP Adjunct Procedures

PRP injections are effective as a standalone hair restoration treatment, but they can be more powerful when combined with other procedures. We offer PRP with ACell therapy, which can stimulate repair of miniaturized hair follicles. We also offer PRP combined with microneedling to enhance the results.

To learn more about PRP injections for hair loss and our other hair restoration options, call our team at Kalos Hair Restoration. Contact our office in Atlanta, GA to schedule your hair loss consultation.

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