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Brookhaven Hair Transplant

Thinning hair or a receding hairline affects millions of men and women. Male pattern baldness and other forms of hair loss plague the masses, changing their appearance and affecting their self-confidence. At Kalos Hair Transplant, we are combatting hair loss with the most advanced transplant methods and technology, helping our patients achieve beautiful results with less downtime and discreet recovery after their procedure.

Our patients from Brookhaven, and throughout the greater Atlanta area that seek hair restoration are pleased with the results they receive at our clinic. Not only do they get a fuller, natural-appearing head of hair, but they also experience less discomfort and a quicker recovery than those who undergo other methods of hair restoration. We offer the NeoGraft hair restoration system, a progressive option in replacing lost hair that has phenomenal results.

One of the contributing factors to the excellent results we achieve at our clinic is due to our founder. Dr. Benjamin C. Stong’s experience, training, and education as a dual board-certified plastic surgeon gives our patients access to the best supervision of the hair transplant techniques for their procedure. In addition, Dr. Stong’s artistic eye and his team’s attention to detail help create a balanced, natural appearance when restoring the hairline and fullness of our patients’ hair.

No Scarring Hair Transplants with Quicker Recovery

Many clinics and surgeons that offer hair transplants use the strip method. This involves removing a section of scalp through incisions from a donor area to dissect the hair follicles to be transplanted. Using this method requires cutting and stitching, leaving linear scarring and visible stitches that can lead to more downtime after the procedure and noticeable scars for the patient. This is not the method we use at Kalos Hair Transplant.

Dr. Ben Stong is the sole plastic surgeon in Atlanta that oversees NeoGraft, an advanced method of hair transplant. Instead of removing strips of the scalp that require a more invasive approach, the NeoGraft automation system removes individual hair follicles at a high rate of speed and accuracy. No cutting is involved and no stitches; for the patient, this means a quicker recovery without the embarrassment of noticeable scarring or stitches after their procedure.

NeoGraft is a “no touch” procedure. The Kalos Hair Transplant team guides an automated, handheld device for follicle removal and transplant. Air pressure and suction are used to remove the follicles from the donor area, without the need to touch the scalp with a scalpel. This is less invasive, allowing the scalp to heal faster without scarring. This method is referred to as the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique and offers a more precise level of transplantation that is less intrusive for the patient.

While there are other methods of FUE, the NeoGraft system combined with Dr. Stong’s team produces stunning results. The surgery can be completed quicker than manual FUE methods, with up to 3,000 follicles to be transplanted in a session using the NeoGraft system. Plus, Dr. Stong’s expert team is trained in aesthetics and surgery help to ensure each follicle is carefully placed for an improved appearance. The Kalos Hair Transplant team considers the direction of individual hair follicle growth and balances the hairline with the patient’s features for exceptional, natural results.

Beard Transplant Using NeoGraft

Many men that want to grow a full beard are unable to obtain this popular look due to skin or genetic issues. Beard transplants using the NeoGraft transplant system can transfer individual hair follicles to the face, creating a natural, full beard. Dr. Stong’s team uses the FUE method to give patients in the Brookhaven area the thick, full beard they desire with no scarring or downtime after their transplant procedure. It is a permanent solution to create a masculine beard for those with thin facial hair.

Eyebrow Transplant Specialist

Thick, shapely eyebrows can emphasize and accentuate the eyes. Not everyone has full eyebrows – scars, genetics and illnesses can impact the thickness of eyebrow hair. For those in Brookhaven that want to enhance their eyebrows, Kalos Hair Restoration offers eyebrow transplants using our NeoGraft system. In one session, eyebrows can become permanently thicker using the non-invasive FUE technique.

For those who live in Brookhaven or the surrounding communities, excellence in hair restoration is close by at our clinic in Atlanta. Dr. Ben Stong and our team can help you decide if a hair transplant is right for you and explain the procedure in detail. Contact our office today to schedule your personal and confidential consultation with Dr. Stong to learn more about how you can restore your hair for a more attractive and youthful appearance.

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