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Beard Hair Transplant & Restoration

Men who want a thicker, fuller beard can now achieve it with a surgical hair transplant from Kalos Hair Transplant. Using an advanced technique, individual hair follicles can be transplanted to the facial region to restore a heavier beard and mustache. NeoGraft is a specialized system that offers a permanent, natural solution for thin or patchy facial hair.

Dr. Ben Stong has mastered the art of restoring hair, including beard hair transplant and restoration. There is a growing population of men who want the ability to grow a thick beard that is stylish and youthful. The NeoGraft system does not use the “strip method” that can leave scars behind. The precise transplant of individual hair follicles gives you back a fuller beard with less scarring, no stitches, a quicker recovery time and with less discomfort than other methods.

Grow a Thicker Beard

Dr. Stong uses the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique that is part of the NeoGraft system to transfer hair from another source to the facial area. This allows for a natural, fuller beard to grow, even for those who have never achieved a full beard. Scarring, genetics, illnesses and other factors can affect your ability to grow a robust beard. With a beard hair transplant from Kalos Hair Transplant, you can finally have the attractive, thick beard you have always wanted.

NeoGraft is the only FDA approved system for harvesting and transplanting individual hair follicles. It is safe and effective for restoring hair fullness, whether you want a thicker beard, eyebrows, mustache or a full head of hair. There is very little downtime for this procedure, making it a perfect solution for busy men that want to have an even, full beard.

If you have struggled to grow a dense beard, contact Kalos Hair Transplant for a consultation with Dr. Ben Stong. Learn more about the NeoGraft beard restoration solution that can give you the beard you always wanted to grow.

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